Facebook tests the “Close Friends” feature on the Messenger

Facebook tests the "Close Friends" feature on the Messenger

Researcher “Jane Manchun Wong” (@wongmjane) revealed that Facebook is testing within the Messenger application feature similar to the idea of ​​“Close Friends” on Instagram, which allows users to publish content from stories and others to a certain number of friends and not all.

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According to the famous researcher, the new feature tested under the name “Favorites” allows users to select a group of favorite friends to show them only the content published without showing it to all friends.

This feature will also give the user better control over privacy. You can post some kind of content to your closest friends and don’t want it to appear to all your friends. Therefore, instead of sending photos and videos to each of your close friends, or perhaps in a group conversation, you can send it to this list Just friends.

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It is not yet known how many people can be added to the favorites list, but this feature is available for testing within the company but is not yet available for trial users.