Video game enthusiasts can combine their studies with their favorite hobby through a British university that offers them a unique opportunity to play rather than memorize lessons.

The University of Chichester, south-east of Britain, opened its doors to applicants for a bachelor’s degree in electronic games after a three-year study.


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Students will have to enjoy electronic games such as FIFA, Counter-Strike, Lego Legends and Project Cars as part of their certification activities.

“For game enthusiasts, there are lessons to develop skills and to study strategies and tactics to enhance the success of the game,”

the university wrote in the preface to its new certificate. The cost of the study is £ 27,000 over three years, apart from accommodation costs.

“We are looking at future jobs to support young people and those seeking to change their careers,” said a spokesman for the university, adding: “Britain is now a world leader in online gaming,” the Daily Mail reported.


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The spokesman said there were more than 24,000 people in Britain working in this area, which contributes about £ 1.4 billion in the country’s income.