Apple mistakenly revealed the Sleep app for Apple Watch

Apple mistakenly revealed the Sleep app for Apple Watch

Since Apple Watch debuted, Apple has positioned it as a health and fitness tracker. But one thing you still can’t do is track your sleep. Now, if you want to track your sleep, you’ll need to download a third-party app. This may change soon, as the App Store menu points to an unannounced Sleep app.

It looks like you’ll be able to set your sleep time and wake up in the Sleep app, just like the way you can set these times right now in the iPhone app around the clock.

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This Sleep app seems likely to take a step forward, most likely, by tracking your sleep patterns to gently wake you up at the best time before a particular alarm, like other apps.

For years, there have been rumors that Apple is adding sleep tracking to the Apple Watch, and in 2017, Apple indicated an increased interest in it by purchasing the Beddit app for hardware manufacturing.

Apple has handled the Beddit application while keeping the brand name alive since the acquisition. Beddit released a new sleep tracker in December 2018.

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In early September, we received a hint that sleep tracking might finally appear on Apple Watch soon, based on “Apple Inside Sources” that I talked to a tech website. The feature may track your sleep quality based on information captured by the many Apple Watch sensors.

This feature did not materialize at the Apple event in September 2019, but perhaps, given the “Sleep App” mentioned in an official Apple screenshot, we may see it in the watchOS update sometime soon.