Apple Arcade Platform Adds Five New Games As The Free Trial

If you’re not sure what to do with Apple’s Arcade platform, a $ 5 monthly subscription service, the platform has offered a month-long trial version on iOS, iPadOS and MacOS.To ensure you continue to enjoy the games, the company has added some new games in addition to the 75 games that already exist.


Publisher Chucklefish is known for games like Stardew Valley and Wargroove, but Inmost from the Hidden Layer game studio looks like a completely different game this time, with the dark 2D pixel art, and you can control three different characters in an attempt to defeat enemies and use traps to your advantage.


This game is quite different from Inmost, ShockRods is another racing game on the Apple Arcade platform with multiple gaming and gameplay modes including Death Match and Capture the Flag. It seems to be a devastating racing game and will be quite different from Sonic Racing, and the game will also come to Steam platform soon.


Apple’s Arcade platform has no shortage of puzzle games, and Stela offers a degree of brain challenge as well as passing and exploring the platform. The soundtrack is distinct, and the game was launched on Xbox One platforms and is still destined for the Microsoft console on October 17 and Steam early 2020.


One of the new games that include armies of robots between PvP games and a single-player campaign, your character will join the battle as a pilot and you’ll be able to customize your robots to handle anything.

Mind Symphony

Mind Symphony affects you emotionally and mentally, but we don’t know much about this game, besides the fact that the game will be synced with music or very much like a shooting game, and enemy attacks coincide with soundtracks.