Xiaomi released a new video of their foldable smartphone

XIAOMI has released a new video for the prototype of its first collapsible smartphone after the company’s video before Samsung and Huawei announced their mobile phones, Galaxy Fold, and Mate X, late February.

Although the new video is very short and does not exceed 10 seconds, it gives a clearer picture of the phone, showing it in tablet mode, and then the holder slips from both sides to move to the phone mode.

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On January 23, Xiaomi unveiled the prototype of the first collapsible smartphone to join a series of companies trying to make a breakthrough in the smartphone market, which over the past years has lacked innovation, the sales.

At the time, the Chinese company released a short video of a minute, on the social networking platform Webbo, featuring the CEO and co-founder of Xiaomi, Benn, using the phone.

“The phone will be the world’s first smartphone with a screen that can be folded from both sides”, Xiaomi said in a tweet. A spokesman for the company said on the Web site that the company is waiting for the views of telephone followers, as the company is still considering the possibility of putting on the market, and said: “If you like, we will study the possibility of production in the future.”

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Xiaomi is expected to announce its collapsible smartphone in the second quarter of 2019 at a price not exceeding half the price of Samsung’s Galaxy Fold, noting that the latter plans to put the phone up for sale in April at $ 1,980.