Who did Pakistanis search the most on Google in 2019?

Who did Pakistanis search the most on Google in 2019?

Google has announced a list of the most popular topics to be searched on the Internet from Pakistan in 2019.

According to details, Google has released a list of the most searched topics on Google in Pakistan this year and the ones that have been trending on Google all year. ۔

The list takes a look at the most searched information in 2019 and also presents an overview of the most important events, popular news and entertainment events this year.

The Year in Pakistan Search

Trending topics for the year 2019:

Trending topics include Pakistan vs South Africa in the first place, Pakistan vs Australia in second, live cricket on third, Sony Live on fourth, PSL 4 on schedule, Cricket World Cup on the sixth, Pakistan on seventh. New Zealand, eighth-ranked TV Sports, Pakistan vs India at ninth and Sri Lanka vs Pakistan at the tenth place.

The personalities whose information was most searched during 2019 are Nimil Khawar, the wife of actor Hamza Ali Abbasi, while the second is Chocolate Hero Waheed Murad of the Pakistani film industry. Then cricket star Babar Azam was ranked third, cricketer Asif Ali in fourth, singer Adnan Sami in fifth, Indian actress Sara Ali Khan in the sixth, cricketer Mohammad Amir on seventh, Pakistani TV artist Alizah Shah on the eighth. The ninth Indian Wing Commander is Nandan Varthaman, and the tenth anchor is Madiha Naqvi Brahman.

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The films and television programs that are trending during 2019 include Avengers & Game at the top, Bigg Boss 13 on the second, Pada Wafa on the third, Sun Chanda Season 2 on the fourth, Indian film Kabir Singh on the fifth, Captain on the sixth. Marvel, the drama on the seventh I have with you, the cartoon Moto Slim 2019 on the eighth, the trusting love on the ninth, and the tenth film on the street.

In addition to getting the details of the topics that the people of Pakistan are most curious about, they can also get details from Google Search Tools, which has been gaining worldwide attention during 2019.