iPhone 11 vs Google Pixel 4 Which One You Should Buy

iPhone 11 vs Google Pixel 4 Which One You Should Buy

Google released its latest phone’s details, Pixel 4, a few days ago, and afterward every tech geek going crazy to launch comparisons between Pixel 4 and the new iPhone 11.

Our correspondent comprises a comparison between the new pixel and the iPhone, which may be the deciding factor in the choice between the two phones by consumers.

Google has unveiled two new Pixel smartphones with higher-quality cameras than its predecessors, a radar sensor and a faster virtual assistant, but smartphone experts say they haven’t done enough to distinguish the two from their competitors.

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Both Apple and Google have highlighted the camera’s performance in their new smartphones when they are unveiled because both phones have high-quality cameras, which are characterized by taking pictures in different conditions – especially dark – better than before.

Google Pixel 4 has two cameras: a telephoto lens and a standard lens. One lens has a 16-megapixel sensor, while the other has a 12.2-megapixel sensor.

The iPhone 11 Pro has a triple camera system that includes a standard, ultra-wide and telephoto lens.

Technology experts believe that Google Pixel has the best camera among smartphones in the world, but what many agree on, is that the iPhone 11 is much closer to its pixel counterpart, with its new camera.


Both Google and Apple offer their new smartphones in different display sizes, but Apple offers slightly more versatility.

The iPhone has three sizes, while Google maintains two main sizes, with an OLED display.

While Google screens outperform the regular iPhone 11, the iPhone 11 Pro outperforms the contrast ratio, according to the site.

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Face Recognition

Both phones let you unlock your phone just by looking at it, but the Pixel 4 confirms that it offers the fastest face unlock ever on a smartphone.

Google uses a new feature known as “Google Sole”, which recognizes the face immediately after trying to reach the phone because it senses the phone’s radar.

Shape and Colors

One of the negative points of the new Google Pixel phone, the presence of the old black platform at the top of the screen, which is dispensed with most of the new phones, including the iPhone.

The iPhone also offers more choices in the colors of the phone, providing 9 colors in the two new types, while Pixel 4 allows you to choose between 3 colors only, namely white, black and orange.


Google is ahead of Apple in terms of phone prices, where the price of Pixel 4 Rs. 125000, while the price of rival iPhone 11 Pro Rs. 186,999.

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The price of the Pixel 4 XL is Rs. 170000, while the price of its iPhone 11 Pro Max is Rs. 208,999.

Apple offers the iPhone 11 less advantageous than its counterparts, the economic consumer, where the price ranges between Rs. 125000 and Rs. 170000.