Which phone got the title of “Best screen ever”?

The Samsung Galaxy Note10+

The Samsung Galaxy Note10+, the latest from Samsung, is the best ever in the smartphone market, according to a new report released by DisplayMate, a company that specializes in screen testing.

The Galaxy Note10 +, which was announced along with his younger brother Galaxy Note10 on August 7, offers a 6.8-inch Dynamic AMOLED display with a resolution of 3040 x 1440 pixels and features the front camera inside.

The head of DisplayMate (Raymond Sonera) tested the phone and its screen and published a special report reviewing the features that make the Galaxy Note10 + screen the best among all other smartphone screens. He said: The phone gets the highest score ever, namely: Excellent A +.

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Smartphone buyers usually look for a variety of features when choosing a phone, but the quality of the screen is the most prominent, it is important that the screen is of high quality, this quality determines the ability to read text, the appearance of images and graphics, and the ability to work well in bright sunlight and other difficult circumstances.

Samsung said in a post on its blog that after a thorough evaluation, DisplayMate concluded that the Galaxy Note10 + has a screen that is the most innovative and best performance ever, compared to any screen-tested by DisplayMate.

During the evaluation, Sonera said: Samsung’s latest flagship phone outperformed its predecessors in several major categories, including brightness, reflection ratio, color accuracy, and reduced blue light.

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With a brightness of 1,308 lumens, the Galaxy Note10 +’s display is nearly 25% better than the Galaxy Note 9, delivering the best experience in different lighting conditions, especially outside and under direct sunlight. The light reflectance level of 4.3% is the lowest among all phones that DisplayMate has tested so far.

Samsung will launch the new Galaxy Note10 +, along with the Galaxy Note10, for sale from August 23 in select markets.

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