Ufone Internet Packages 2020: Daily, Weekly and Monthly

The Internet is a basic necessity in this technological world. Be it home, school, or office, people of every age are bound by the internet and require internet 24/7.

Ufone makes its customer’s life easy by making Ufone Internet package that fit their needs. The most affordable Daily Ufone Internet Package, Ufone Weekly Internet Package, and Monthly Internet Packages are given by Ufone.

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Ufone Daily Internet Packages:

Enjoy boundless calls for the duration of the day just by using the Ufone network! Select the preferred daily Ufone internet package that suits your pocket and dial the code below to benefit the offer.

Here you go with a variety of Ufone internet packages along with their volume, validity, price, and as well as subscription code.

Package Name Volume Validity price   Subscription
Special Daily 500 MB (Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Line) 50 MB (Other) 1 AM – 9 PM Rs. 6 Dial *3461#
Daily Light 500 MB (Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Line) 40 MB (Other) 1 Day Rs. 12 Dial *2256#
Mega Internet 2 GB 1 AM – 8 AM Rs. 15 Dial *550#
Daily Heavy 500 MB (Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Line) 75 MB (Other) 1 Day Rs. 18 Dial *2258#
SOCIAL DAILY 100 MB (Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter) 1 Day Rs. 6 Dial *4422#
DAILY CHART 500 MB (WhatsApp) SMS: 10,000 1 Day Rs. 6 Dial*3465#
STREAMING OFFER 500 MB (YouTube,  ) 1 Hour Rs. 10 Dial *78#
3 DAY BUCKET 500 MB (Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Line) 100 MB (Other) 3 Days Rs. 30 Dial *3350#
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Ufone SMS Packages 2020: Daily, Weekly, Monthly

Ufone Weekly Internet Packages:

To avail nonstop calls throughout the week looking for an amazing Ufone Weekly Internet package. The Ufone network provides you with the amazing weekly Ufone internet packages at a very low and affordable price.

Here you are provided with the list of the weekly Ufone internet packages that you may love to subscribe to.