Ufone Advance Balance Code 2020: Ufone Balance Loan Code

Ufone Internet Offers

Pakistan Telecom Mobile Limited (PTML) or Ufone is a Pakistani cellular service provider. Ufone started its operations in 2001 and it is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL). Due to PTCL’s privatization, Ufone became a part of Etisalat in 2006.

It has subscribers over 24 million and network coverage in more than 10,000 locations across Pakistan. It offers different amazing packages for prepaid and postpaid customers.

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Ufone is a leading mobile operator that provides amazing offers for Ufone Call Packages and Ufone SMS Packages. In this post, you will get to know about Ufone Advance Balance Code 2019 in case you want to get an advance balance.

Ufone Advance Balance or UAdvance gives you the facility of getting instant balance whenever your balance is running out.

If you are a Ufone subscriber, you are in some emergency situation and you are in need of balance, then you don’t have to worry about it because Ufone gives the best solution of it by offering Ufone Advance Balance. Ufone provides this opportunity for its both prepaid and postpaid subscribers.

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U Advance for Prepaid:

Ufone offers Ufone Advance Balance Check Code for its prepaid customers of which details are given below:

  • Dial *456# from your prepaid number.
  • Rs. 4.40 inclusive of tax will be deducted along with the advance amount when you recharge the next time.
  • Ufone Advance Balance of Rs. 20/- will be available to all subscribers whose balance drops below Rs. 11.95.
Package Name Ufone Loan Price Subscription
Ufone Advance Balance or UA Loan Loan of Rs.20 Rs.4.40(incl.Tax) Dial *456#

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U Advance for Postpaid:

Ufone Advance Balance service is also available for Postpay customers. Here are the details:

  • Dial *229#.
  • Rs. 5 + tax (Flat rate of Rs. 5 is charged while tax is applicable to the total amount of the invoice).
Package Name Ufone Loan Price Subscription
Ufone Advance Balance or UA Loan Loan of Rs.20 Rs. 5(incl.Tax) Dial *229#

So, subscribe to the Ufone Advance Balance OR UAdance and avail it in your emergency situations to contact your loved ones.