Samsung A51 and A71 updates with camera features

Samsung updates its Galaxy A51 and A71 handsets with a variety of new specifications from its Galaxy S20 series of flagships. These include new camera functionality such as Single Take and Night Hyperlapse, together with new features for sharing, searching, and translation. 

Single Take and Night Hyperlapse are amongst the new camera features. Single Take helps you to simultaneously record several different camera settings, and then select images after the reality, whereas Night Hyperlapse is designed to deliver improved low-light hyper-lapse videos.

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There is a new updated filter feature that lets you make filters using your existing images, and the Samsung A51 and A71 are both modified for photography with manual focus and shutter speed controls. 

Outside the camera, the phones are now being updated with Samsung‘s Quick Share and Music Share features that allow you to share media files and Bluetooth connections, respectively, with devices connected.

Mobile phone keys can now translate text file, the Gallery app can now group identical images together to make them easy to view, and the app search feature of the phones is being enhanced.

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The mid-range A-Series is one of the most common smartphone lineups in Samsung, and the phones are much more inexpensive than their flagship Note and Galaxy S models.

Despite upgrades like this, the new high-end technologies made available by Samsung are getting much cheaper. A previous update saw many of those features coming to the flagships of last year’s S10 and Note 10.