Samsung Galaxy S10: A Pinnacle of technology

At that time Samsung Galaxy fans are waiting for the announcement of the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note9. But there are many leaks and rumors about the next Samsung S-series phone.

Samsung Galaxy S10, expected to come with many new technologies and not just a better version of the Samsung Galaxy S9 but also a pinnacle of technology and success for Galaxy series. We will brief you about leaks of S10 and try to tell what contained on the next  Galaxy phone.


Samsung Galaxy S10 Major Leaks Updates


The Galaxy S10 will come with a built-in fingerprint sensor which means the finger sensor will be tha part of screen, the lower and upper edges being much smaller than the Samsung Galaxy S9.

The camera will have a dual-lens camera and the Plus version of the phone will come with a tri-camera for the first time in Samsung’s history, while the new phone will come full screen for the first time while keeping the front camera behind the screen.

The handset has speaker on the screen indicates the leaks that the company will dispense front speaker slot and the screen will transmit the sound vibrations of the calls, this technology is till now not developed by any company and any of it’s Smartphone competitor so far.

New and latest Snapdragon processor will be with the first 7-nanometer modem to support LTE speeds of up to 2 Gbps. This new modem is a successor to the Snapdragon X20 chip, which is being used by Snapdragon 845 processors with 10nm SoC technology.

In the face of these new leaks, Samsung fans are looking forward to unprecedented Internet speed in the Galaxy S10, next year, as the revolutionary processor will be ready until late 2018.


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Samsung Galaxy S10 rumored specifications:

Display 5.8-inch, 6.2-inch displays
Processor Next-gen Snapdragon or Exynos chip
RAM 4/6/8GB
Storage up to 512GB
MicroSD Unknown
Camera Single, dual and triple rear camera setup
Battery Unknown
Water resistant Unknown
Headphone jack Unknown
Software Android P with Samsung Experience
Other features In-display fingerprint sensor and speaker, 3D sensor