All You Need To Know About PlayStation 5

Since the original PlayStation arrived in the market in 1994, Sony has held onto only numbers without words like Sony, Max or others, only the PlayStation 1, 2 or 3 and has maintained this consistent consistency. Now Sony has announced the launch of the new PlayStation 5.

Sony has not announced many details about the console since April, and only leaked news about the development of the next generation of consoles. Next of the consoles Scarlett Xbox One successor.

In the conference room at Sony headquarters in the United States yesterday, Sony confirmed that the next PlayStation device will be PlayStation 5 and will be launched during the next year and will be launched in the holiday season 2020, Ryan and system engineer Mark Cerny gave more details:


Cerny, the chief architect at the PlayStation 4, spoke of the CPU is based on AMD’s third-generation Reisen line with eight nuclei of the new 7nm nanoscale micro-architecture. It will also include a dedicated 3D sound module.

PlayStation 5 Will Be Launched on Christmas 2020


The new console will have a graphics sensor that uses ray tracing technology, a new way to deal with lighting effects in the game, and the new technology will be supported by the GPU of the PlayStation 5.

Storage Unit

Players will see a change in storage, and the new PlayStation 4 solid-state drive will make gaming run faster and take less time to load games. In addition, the console will allow users to install a multiplayer or single-player campaign without installing a whole new game.


The PlayStation 5 will get a new controller that will come with the device. Ryan says that the new console will incorporate benign feedback buttons to replace the old sense, and there will also be new speakers in the consoles and USB-C ports.

The controllers also include adaptive triggers in the L2 / R2 buttons and if programmers have a desire they can program the resistance in the actuators so that you feel a sense of touch while drawing an arc, accelerating the car in rough terrain or any reaction that makes the game more fun overall.

Green Tech

In September, Sony said its new console would be greener. If a million players use the PlayStation 5’s power-saving feature, Sony will provide the equivalent of the average electricity use in 1,000 US homes, and both Sony and Microsoft said they are committed to building units. Environmentally friendly video games.

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Have you announced any games yet?

No special games have been announced for the PlayStation 5, but Ryan pointed to games you can enjoy such as Death Stranding, The Last of Us Part II and Ghost of Tsushima which come from the PlayStation 4 platform.

How much will it cost?

No specific price has been disclosed, but Sony has confirmed that PlayStation devices could become more expensive if trade wars between China and the United States persist.