Pakistani Student’s Sci-Fi Animation Takes Top Position at Global Contest

Pakistani Student's Sci-Fi Animation Takes Top Position at Global Contest

Kamran Khan, a dedicated matric student hailing from North Waziristan, Pakistan, has achieved a remarkable feat by securing the People’s Choice Award (Animation) during the prestigious MSI Creator Awards 2023 hosted in the United States (US).

In a candid conversation with Geo News, Kamran conveyed his deep appreciation and immense pride in being a representative of his nation on such a grand international platform.

He underlined the profound impetus this victory has provided him and expressed his ardent ambition to continually validate his mettle within the animation realm.

The victorious masterpiece he presented showcased a breathtaking science fiction tableau, meticulously crafted through the utilization of the software powerhouse, Blender. The resonance of his creation within the public voting segment of the competition stands as a testament to its resounding success. Witness the mesmerizing sci-fi scene, the very cornerstone of his award-winning achievement:

Recognized also as Muhammad Kamran, he is a prodigious virtuoso who has not only flourished artistically but also achieved academic excellence, amassing an impressive score of 968 marks in his recent matriculation examinations.