NIC Karachi and The Asia Foundation Celebrate Success of 4th BuiltByHer Hackathon

NIC Karachi and The Asia Foundation Celebrate Success of 4th BuiltByHer Hackathon

The National Incubation Center Karachi (NIC Karachi) and The Asia Foundation are delighted to announce the successful conclusion of the 4th BuiltByHer Hackathon, an inspiring event that spotlights women programmers, coders, entrepreneurs, students, artists, and technologists. This exciting competition, culminating in a highly competitive grand finale, brought together teams of talented women to tackle critical societal challenges.

Celebrating Women’s Innovation

BuiltByHer, a 48-hour hackathon, challenges women-led teams to devise solutions for pressing societal issues. In its fourth iteration, the competition centered on four pivotal themes:

1. Economic Empowerment for Inclusive Growth
2. Reducing Barriers to Access to Justice
3. STEM Education for Young Minds
4. Climate Change

These themes represent some of the most significant challenges facing society today.

This year’s Hackathon received applications from more than 221 teams, underscoring women’s enthusiasm and dedication to addressing these pressing challenges. After rigorous evaluations, 15 teams were selected to participate in the grand finale.

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Innovative Solutions for a Better Tomorrow

After careful consideration, the judges announced two teams as the winners of the 4th BuiltByHer Hackathon. “Aizaz,” led by Mehtab Parveen, and “HER Sahulat,” led by Sheeza Zahid, stood out with their outstanding solutions. These winning teams will receive a combined prize money of Rs. 1,400,000 to further develop and scale their innovative solutions.

Aizaz Clothing, a pioneering fashion-tech company, specializes in the retail and wholesale of shirts, including customized options. Aizaz’s Inventory Management System represents a significant leap in customer service, ensuring orders are delivered within just 3 hours. Additionally, it offers an integrated installment payment feature, providing customers with greater financial flexibility.

In contrast, HER Sahulat is a pioneering, tech-enabled platform committed to empowering women economically and socially through innovative Video Bootcamps, equipping women with real-world skills and ensuring their competitiveness in the evolving job market. Beyond training, it guarantees employment opportunities, providing a tangible path to financial independence.

Empowering Women for a Brighter Future

Farva Minhas, Project Coordinator at The Asia Foundation, expressed her enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “BuiltByHer 4.0 is another successful partnership between NIC Karachi and The Asia Foundation. Through this collaboration, we have empowered young women across the nation, fostering innovative solutions to critical challenges.

Apart from the hackathon, we also collaborated with NIC Karachi on the ‘Impact Collective,’ an initiative promoting research-based dialogues among academia and policymakers to enhance climate resilience in Pakistan.”

Faizan Laghari, Project Director of NIC Karachi, emphasized the impact of these initiatives, saying, “The BuiltByHer series exemplifies our commitment to empowering women in Pakistan. By addressing pressing issues through technology and entrepreneurship, we not only create innovative solutions but also empower a new generation of female entrepreneurs and leaders who will drive positive change in our society.”

Building a Network of Empowerment

BuiltByHer was initiated in 2020 to identify STEM-based solutions that empower women in Pakistan. Over the years, it has created a network of female mentors, coaches, and innovators, contributing to increased gender parity in the Pakistani educational and tech ecosystem.

The hackathon has positively impacted hundreds of female entrepreneurs and change-makers dedicated to making a positive impact in their communities.

The successful conclusion of the 4th BuiltByHer Hackathon underscores the power of collaboration, innovation, and women’s empowerment in addressing pressing societal challenges. It also aligns with NIC Karachi’s mission to foster entrepreneurship, technology, and inclusive growth.