Microsoft Office Teases The New User Interface (UI)

Microsoft Office Teases The New User Interface (UI)

Today Microsoft is teasing upcoming UI and style, and proposing some significant changes to the standard ribbon interface for its Microsoft office.

Throughout the past few years, the software giant has slowly revamped Office with its Fluent Design program adding new icons, a dark mode, and overhauling the ribbon toolbar by making it smaller and simpler to use.

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The next step of Microsoft Office design saw the corporate consider usability even more.

The next wave of changes to Microsoft 365 UX will go even further by fading brand colors from app headers and discovering responsive commanding.

Microsoft’s corporate vice chairman of design and research. This helps you to pass a simplified toolbar across the device to wherever it’s most useful, using incremental disclosure to point out commands contextually

This dynamic command would see the ribbon GUI of Office swapped with a toolbar that will be unlocked to maneuver nearby actions that you simply take with specific commands into documents.

Microsoft is currently exploring how this interface will work, but a number of the planning details the corporate is teasing today will roll out within a year or two, consistent with Friedman.

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The ribbon has been a signature experience since its inception which brings together user intent and order.

It originated on the desktop, but because the world and therefore the lives of individuals are entirely cross-platform and multi-device, we are reinventing the longer-term intention and context-aware command.