Microsoft Launcher 6.0 is Live Now With Dark Theme

Microsoft Launcher 6.0 is Live Now With Windows 10 Insider Preview

Microsoft has now introduced a new Windows 10 Insider Preview build that’s bringing some improvements to the Sound Settings.

Alongside the new preview build, the Redmond-based company says that its Microsoft Launcher app accepts a totally new design. So, it’s now ready for primetime.

Microsoft Launcher 6.0 is out there for all those users whose Android devices have the app already. The Microsoft Launcher v6 is made on a replacement codebase which can enable developers to feature more new features.

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Microsoft Launcher 6.0 is Live Now

Microsoft Launcher v6 brings new features including a fresh dark theme that’s compatible with the default dark mode settings of Android. Users also will get to experience the new personalized news feed that’s helping them to remain up so far with what’s happening around the globe.

The remake of Microsoft Launcher uses tons less memory and is more battery efficient. little question there are some issues which we believe are going to be addressed in future updates, just like the incontrovertible fact that native Android 10 navigation gestures won’t work for all phone manufacturers and models.

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There’s also an opportunity that some users might experience sticky notes sync issues after updating to the remake of Microsoft Launcher.

It is important to notice that Microsoft Launcher v6 is functional on phones running Android 7.0 or higher, some features might only work on devices running Android 8 or newer.