Android 10 update may make its way to Google Pixel phones in the first week of next month

Google officially announced that the next version of its operating system for mobile devices will be named only Android 10, and no more sweets will be provided.

This shows that the release date of the official and stable version of the new Android 10 is coming soon, and this has now been confirmed by two separate conversations with representatives of the customer support team at Google.

In both cases, the two different representatives answered the question of when the official and final Android 10 update release date would be exactly the same, September 3.

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In the past, customer support representatives had wrong information, but here things seem to fit into Google’s usual way of working. Google used to release new security updates on the first Monday of every month unless it was a holiday in the United States, in which case the launch would take place the next day.

The first Monday of next month is September 2, but this is Labor Day. So launching the update on the third day of September is highly likely. Last year, Android 9 Pie appeared on the first Monday of August, increasing the credibility of the Android 10 launch premise in early September.

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If that happens, expect to see an Android 10 update making its way to all Google Pixel phones, including the Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL released a few years ago, and the Google Pixel 3a and Google Pixel 3a XL phones released newly.

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