Huawei Tests Its Search Application “Huawei Search”

Huawei Tests Its Search Application

Huawei is testing its application to search for smart phones (Huawei Search), because one of the main missing apps on its devices that are free from Google services at the moment is the custom search application.

The Chinese company requires users around the Globe to test the new Huawei Search application in the form of (APK) file in exchange for great prizes.

Unlike Google, which provides access to Google search engine, Google Assistant, and Google Lenses, Huawei Search is a basic search application that allows users to search through web pages, videos, news articles or pictures.

There is an abbreviation for weather forecast, which provides a mini-tool that displays current forecasts 24 hours a day, and is supported by Huafeng and AccuWeather joint venture to provide forecast data sources from the China Meteorological Administration.

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The app also includes sports shortcuts, a currency converter and a calculator, and the user can view his record to search, make notes, change the search area and language, switch to safe search and change the search scope, which controls Huawei applications that the Huawei Search application can search within.

The application supports the dark mode within the EMUI 10 user interface and, in accordance with the user agreement for the search application, the service is managed by Aspiegel Limited, a Huawei subsidiary based in Ireland.

The Chinese giant moved many of its software services to Aspiegel Limited in 2019 to ease concerns over its handling of user data.

The user agreement states that users must have a Huawei account to use the service, and that the service is only available on Huawei devices as an integrated search application or service provided in Huawei services.

(Huawei Search) can be accessed in any web browser by going to the website address , and Huawei says in the privacy statement that the user has the right to request the deletion of the search result in accordance with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Huawei’s ability to delete search results indicates that the search application may not use a third-party engine, and the application’s capabilities appear to be very limited at the present time, and the service is currently only intended for use on Huawei smartphones.

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It is noteworthy that the Chinese company became listed in the list of entities in the US Department of Commerce since mid-2019, which prevented it from obtaining a license for Google mobile services.

This prompted her to develop AppGallery, which is an alternative to Google Play, Huawei Mobile Services (HMS), and alternative to Google Mobile Services (GMS).

With the Honor View 30 Pro launch and the upcoming launch of the Huawei P40 series, the Chinese giant needs to convince potential customers that they can live without Google apps.