Huawei is Preparing For a Surprise

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China’s smartphone manufacturer Huawei has announced plans to launch a folding smartphone next year in an effort to match Samsung, which has unveiled a similar project recently.

Huawei‘s chief executive, Richard Yu, said in an interview with the German newspaper,

The Bild that the folding phone would probably be ready within one year.

He added that,

The work is currently underway on the phone exciting, so there is no need to wait for a long time, according to “Twitter”

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The Chinese company’s official did not disclose any further details about the expected device, which is likely to be a mini-version of the laptop.

Yu believes that people are using laptops to this day because the phone screens are still limited in size, which Huawei will go through with a folding screen.

Huawei’s official confirmation came after recent rumors that the Chinese company is developing a folding device to launch in early next year.


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Samsung’s director of smartphones, D.J Koh, recently confirmed that the South Korean company will soon launch a collapsible phone that can do many operations and is in a state of collapse, but the user will need to put it in normal mode to read some information on the screen Or browse the Internet.

“If the new, folding phone came in like a tablet phone, people would have to wonder about the value added, and what makes them accept to buy it,” he said.