Huawei’s latest technology, the Met 20 Pro, is still evolving. The latest is the discovery of the Hi-Vision feature, which makes it easier for users to search for information in a unique and fast way. Here’s a video of Huawei’s Hi-Vision:

HiVision basically is an image-based search feature. Huawei stated that Hi-Vision is currently working across three categories, which are Food, Art, and Landmarks. To achieve this goal, Huawei has partnered with various cloud-based solution providers to pull info from them.

The company’s new phone offers a sophisticated model for utilizing information technology based on artificial intelligence, like a video in which High-Vision calculate calories of food by just there visuals.

HiVision connects everything the camera sees with accurate instantaneous information. The phone has the ability to recognize the elements of the camera lens and instantly display the information associated with it, according to reports.


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Last year speaking at the Consumer Electronics Show, CEO of Huawei Technologies Consumer Business Group Richard Yu told in an interview that the company had no plans to pursue a virtual assistant in international markets. Which means Huawei, in particular, has resigned itself to only focusing on the Chinese market.

“Today, Amazon and Google are stronger than us; Alexa and Google Assistant are better. How can we compete?” – Richard Yu, CEO Huawei Technologies Consumer Business Group


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The artificial intelligence technology embedded in the phone enables users to identify information related to classical art, food dishes, famous landmarks, and many more.

The feature works by turning the camera on to the thing you want to know about, to provide the phone instantly all the details and data associated with it.


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High Vision also allows you to know calories in dishes by identifying more than 100 kinds of the most popular meals in the world, such as pizza, burgers and pastas.