Huawei gave a “scary warning” to Samsung

Huawei ready to supply iPhone with 5G chips

If you travel to any major city in China, you will see Huawei’s shops and ads everywhere, because the Chinese phone has become a fixture in the world’s largest smartphone market.

China’s technology company overtook Apple as the world’s second-largest smartphone by market share at the end of the second quarter but is now planning to take first place.

Huawei has strengthened its position as the second largest mobile phone maker

In an interview with CNBC, the company’s chief executive, Richard Yu, said the company was aiming to reach the top spot in terms of market share by 2020, the center occupied by Samsung Korea.

Yu said in the interview: “Next year, we will be very close to the number one, we will probably be on par with Samsung. At least in the following year, we may have a chance (to be number one), 2020. “

Xiaomi is Now The World’s Third Most Valuable Smartphone Maker

The company has become one of the largest technology companies in China thanks to the growth of mobile network equipment and is now one of the largest suppliers in the world for this market, making U remarks a “scary warning” for Samsung.

“I encourage the team to have the ability to innovate, to do bold innovations and to do something that some people might feel a little crazy to challenge ourselves and challenge the phone industry,” Yu said.

Huawei is Preparing For a Surprise

The Chinese company, first surpassed Apple in seven years, in the second quarter behind the South Korean giant Samsung.