HUAWEI AppGallery is getting Bigger and Better Everyday – Introducing New Apps!

The digital world promises fascinating new technologies and solutions that offer exciting experiences and add more convenience to the consumers’ lives. The global technology leader – Huawei has also compiled the HUAWEI AppGallery – an official and exclusive app-marketplace, where the consumers can access and enjoy the largest collection of innovative mobile-applications offered by developers from across the world. Recently, the HUAWEI AppGallery has been further enriched with several new apps featuring some high-valued functions and services for the customers.

Some of the new applications introduced by HUAWEI AppGallery include: Easy Urdu Keyboard by PDMS, Offline Urdu-English Roman Dictionary, Learn English Speaking with narrations in Urdu for accurate pronunciation and accent, – an on-demand, HD, live-streaming platform, featuring a multitude of TV channels to watch sports, news, and entertainment, SAMAA TV News app available in Urdu & English both in the same download, while TAPMAD is another leading platform in Pakistan for on-demand video streaming of 80 + live High-Quality local and international channels.

The latest smartphones and telecommunication devices come pre-installed with the HUAWEI AppGallery, which has revolutionized the way people connect and access the latest info-tainment. It has a constantly growing list of apps, which the users can simply browse, download and enjoy, whenever they need. Some high-end Huawei devices also come pre-installed with ‘Petal Search’ – that brings more than a million apps straight to your phone.