How to download Google Apps on new Huawei Mate 30

How to download Google Apps on new Huawei Mate 30

Due to the ban on business with Huawei, the Mate 30 will not enjoy Google services or applications from the box and is expected to prolong future phones as well, but this does not prevent the user from installing Google applications easily.

Since we are about to show you how to create a significant software change, we disclaim our responsibility for any user error, and we recommend that you follow the steps carefully.

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        1. First, go to from your phone’s web browser and click the download button. Because you are about to download applications from an unknown source, you must confirm that the browser is given permission to download from an external source and on-demand storage.
        2. The following steps will appear in Chinese, but it is simple; the application needs to grant the device administrator permission to install Google apps and services with all its functions; Google, if you don’t mind, click Activate.
        3. Now Google Mobile Services begins downloading, including components running apps in the background, and finally the Play Store. When you’re done, the button at the bottom of the screen will be blue; click it to continue.
        4. After you have completed, you have obtained the security service from Google and the rest of the services running in the background, and you can then register with a Gmail account to access the App Store and then download the rest of Google Apps from it.
        5. It is advisable to remove the Google Service Assistant application, which does not need to exist: by accessing Settings> Security> Other Settings> Device Management> and then depriving him of the powers of the administrator, and then you can remove the application in the usual way; uninstall.

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        This explanation works without problems on the phone Mate 30 Pro but may be hampered by some of the complexities of Google expected in the future.