Here are 5 different ways Internet can enhance your Productivity

Here are 5 different ways Internet can enhance your Productivity

Internet has become a lifeline in the new normal. It was necessary even before the pandemic, but now it has surely become a necessary part of our lives that is catering to our daily routine such as online education, e-Health, work from home, entertainment, e-shopping and a lot more. Particularly in a country like Pakistan that is striving to achieve digital transformation, significance of having seamless internet service cannot be overlooked. In fact, we find the positive impact of internet in every aspect of life, for example,availing e-Bill facility instead of opting for paper bills. This will boost digitization and make our environment friendly, along with providing convenience to pay bills from the safety of our homes with just a few clicks.


It has indeed been challenging for small, medium, and even large enterprises to find new ways to do business that is efficient and provides better productivity, while bringing innovation into their processes and systems. Fast-forward to today, we see a significant rise in the number of people working remotely that has led to the demand for data and high-quality internet service that has increased manifold as well. Due to the evolution of technology that goes hand-in-hand with the ever-increasing demand for internet service, this is an opportunity that can be availed at any given time and from any location enabling individuals, businesses, communities and industries.

Instant accessibility to information and technology, improvement and clarity in communication, ease of data sharing and creating awareness are all attributes that can contribute to better productivity levels.Keeping this in mind, the country’s largest fixed line Internet Service Provider (ISP) with nationwide coverage, PTCL constantly strives to provide its customers with great value for their money by giving unlimited internet connectivity with quality and fastest speeds. Whether you use internet for downloading, video streaming, online gaming or social networks, business meetings, PTCL Unlimited Internet connection is the best solution for your home or office connectivity needs.

Let us see how the national carrier can boost the overall productivity of its consumers.

Connecting people

Since the pandemic started, work from home has become the new normal as technology has played its part for both employees and customers to stay connected through these trying times. Instant access to all data whether business related or customer centric is possible from anywhere, any time. Geographical location or time zones are not restraints anymore for getting things done. Internet and technology have created ease for everyone by connecting with each other whether it is for education, entertainment, ecommerce or working from home. Telecom sector has played a key role to provide best services and remove the obstacles in communication and data exchange, we see companies like PTCL that has worked tirelessly to ensure seamless connectivity across the country, thus ensuring productivity and morale of people in lockdowns.

Better communication & 24×7 availability

PTCL’s robust and reliable telecom infrastructure across the country supports the ecosystem as their internet network is spread from metropolitan cities to small towns in far-flung areas. Moreover, being the backbone of connectivity in Pakistan, the company has a massive front-line and back end workforce that is working round the clock to ensure customers are connected to internet for their daily needs. With the presence of a unified communication systems, which includes landline, broadband, Charji etc. the company ensures customers have all the right tools available for them to be productive.

Increased access & convenience

Covid-19 did not make lives easier for us in the last one and a half year. The fear of contracting the virus was huge, as was the risk of not being able to pay bills and face disconnection. PTCL’s internet driven online solutions like Digital Bill Payment Channels made it highly convenient and easy to pay bills anytime from anywhere. Initiatives like these not only save valuable time of customers but show company’s commitment to customers.

Easier networking

We all know the pandemic has shifted our way of life to a great magnitude. But we cannot change who we are, can we? So, we use the internet to network with our teams, stay connected to our loved ones, business partners, friends, relatives, etc. Businesses around the world have already switched to online meetings rather than meeting face to face, not to mention huge savings on travel costs. Internet has worked wonders for people across the globe as it supported their business operations continuity, online meetings with clients or students availing the e-Education facility. PTCL has ventured with offerings to various universities and also organizations to customize according to their requirements and serve as  one stop shop for getting faster internet services.

Entertainment & recreation

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” – A famous proverb from 1659 clearly states that recreation is as important as is work. Internet is not all about work!Since its inception, it has become one of the best forms of entertainment one could ask for with Netflix, YouTube, Steam Gaming, Spotify, and all the other exciting social media platforms that are all internet driven. All in all, internet is something that will keep you going with the ever-evolving virtual world out there for you to explore and experience at your leisure.

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