Get Free WhatsApp and Facebook on Jazz New Data SIM

If you want a new Jazz Data SIM then it is a good time to buy it. Jazz offers free WhatsApp and Facebook on purchase of new Data SIM. You do not need to subscribe to the offer. The offer is auto-subscribed. All you have to do is just buy a sim and activate it. Moreover, you can use these incentives for the next 30 days.

Get Free WhatsApp and Facebook on Jazz New Data SIM

Offered Incentives:

  • Free WhatsApp and Facebook

How to Avail the Offer:

  • The offer is auto-subscribed.

Jazz Daily YouTube and Social Bundle is Available in Just Rs. 15


  • The offer is free of cost.


  • The offer is valid for one 30 days only.

Jazz Weekly Hybrid Offer Gets These Incentives in Just Rs. 115

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Customer will be auto-subscribed to this offer at the time of the new sale
  2. Subscriber on Data SIM will get 4GB which will be available for use for only Whatsapp and Facebook.
  3. It will be a Once-Off offer, and in case the customer subscribes to another bundle, Data SIM – Free Social offer will be used first for Facebook and WhatsApp usage
  4. For internet usage other than Facebook & WhatsApp, the customer is required to subscribe Data SIM bundles
  5. No PYG or Overage rate will be applicable after bundle consumption. Usage will stop on as soon as the quota finishes unless some other bundle is subscribed.
  6. This Free incentive will also be useable within 2G, 3G & 4G. Data services will also be installed on a bundle subscription to ensure the customer can use data services.
  7. These Tariff Plans are implemented for AJK & the Rest of Pakistan.