New leaks reveals the specifications of phones, “Google Pixel 4”

New leaks reveals the specifications of phones, "Google Pixel 4"

A new leak revealed the coded names of the next Google Pixel 4 phones, which express natural objects, as usual, an American company in the labels of phones that have not yet reached the markets.

The names of the expected phones “Pixel 4” and “Pixel 4XL” under the names “Coral” and “NeedleFish”, respectively, to match with what followed Google with its previous phones Pixel and Pixel 2.

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These leaks were confirmed by analyzing the source code of the Google App application, which carried the two names between its lines, but was referred to as pixel 4xl as “Flame”, in addition to the leaks that exposed the lines of the prefix versions of the Android operating system Q, which Is still under experimentation, according to the published site “Android Central” technical.

The cost of this year’s low-cost version of the new pixel family is also likely to be in line with the new fashion that Apple began with XS phones when it launched a low-end version of the iPhone XR. Samsung then launched the S10, leading this year.

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Previous leaks detail the performance of Google Pixel 4, where the Snapdragon 855 is expected to be loaded with random memory starting at 6 GB.