Top Mobile Games of 2018 in Every Game Category

The year 2018 is nearly going to end, and we start to review the most advanced technologies that have emerged this year, which will continue with us for the coming years. As far in the year 2018, some memorable smartphone games were launched, we were not able to show you every smartphone game launched this year, but we try our best to brief you about the best of the best games produced by many companies in this field.


PUBG is now available free of charge on Xbox One devices


CLASH OF CLANS (Online Strategy):

It is one of the most famous strategic games where you build your settlements, build your armies, plan your defenses, protect your land from enemy attacks from other tribes, preserve your tribe and increase your land area by expanding and preserving other tribes while preserving your resources. With the passage of time to this day.

You can download it here.


ASPHALT 9: LEGENDS (Racing Games):

When it comes to Android games for free racing, we have to mention Gameloft, which introduced its very famous game “Asphalt”, an off-road racing game with a variety of new tracks that enable you to play many adventures while playing, in addition to multiple vehicles, With other players on the Internet. Finally, this game comes free but with some in-app purchases that do not hinder the play much.

You can download it here.


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PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2018 (Sports Games):

The game is one of the most famous football games if not the months at all, and the game contains a lot of international and local teams and a lot of stars and legends of the ball, and the game is characterized by the reality that develops in each version, regardless of the level of graphics, but the way of play and reinforcements The stadiums are very realistic, and the players’ celebrations are a lot like the truth, but do not expect them to look like the other wonderful version that comes on computers and PlayStation, but they have proved very successful for smartphones, and they come free, but you have T Tore to pay some money to get some players.

You can download it here.


Honor Play is Coming to Pakistan


Pac-Man (Arcade and Quick Escape Game):

Some of the games can withstand the race of time, most notably the classic Pac-Man game, which was and still is my favorite game in person. The game lasted for four decades and became more popular with the passage of time. The game comes here in the same shape and design as the old sounds we used to. With the development of some advanced stages in order to revive the game style and attract its old fans to overcome the toughest levels on their smartphones.

You can download it here.


N.O.V.A. LEGACY (First Person Shooter):

This game simulates the “Halo” series of games in the Xbox. It is one of the most successful individual fighting games on Android phones. Nova Legacy is the latest version of the game, which comes with high-quality graphics and above-average quality, allowing you to compete with several online contestants.

The game is also characterized by a story based on the foundations of science fiction and sequence of events, which means there is a lot of fun and suspense will not be found in the most realistic Android games and more realistic. This game is finally free and comes with some internal purchases in the application.

You can download it here.


PUBG MOBILE (Online Multiplayer):

Who knows the game “PUBG” famous, which spread in a very short time with many people in the Pakistan and the world, and we almost see many people talking about it day and night on all social networking places, Choose the type of war you want to enter and share with other players in one team to go to the isolated island where you and your team compete to win and eliminate all members of the remaining teams, Where you come down to the island and start collecting weapons and your needs and then move with your friends and start your journey to victory or death quickly by one of the members of the teams competing with you, and you can also link the game with your personal accounts to play with your friends whenever you like, and the game is exclusive, You can buy them inside the game.

You can download it here.


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Into the Dead 2 (Horror Game):

After the great success of the game last year, this game has been able to continue until this year in the second part, the game of the long escape from the dead zombies and killed as many as possible of them, all you have to protect yourself and get rid of the dead living.

The game contains a variety of weapons and other tools that will help you play for as long as possible, in addition to the tasks that will be assigned to you during the game. Finally, this game is free, as the app will not cost you any money to play.

You can download it here.


Pokemon Go (Online Adventure):

The year 2016 has been widely known for Pokemon Go, and it still has the same popularity and is used by many people of different age groups. The game sparks to go out into the street and not just sit at home and play traditional games. Go “is very suitable for fans of the movement, they require to walk in many different streets long distances to search for Pokemon and join one team to compete with the rest of the difference, and the company producing the game issuing new updates improve the level of the game, as well as address the gaps and problems in them.

You can download it here.


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This game is one of the latest versions of Telltale Games, which is one of the most famous games of adventure, movement, and excitement, it includes a group of famous Minecraft characters will play with them and enter adventures and puzzles with the heroes to discover a new world, and you will have the ability to make decisions and multiple options that will make Of the course of the story is different in each division of them, and the game features updates and wonderful animation and many new mechanical puzzles and fun, and also notes the quality of the performance of voice representation.

You can download it here.