Telenor SMS Packages 2020: Daily, Weekly, and Monthly

Telenor astounds its users by presenting a wide range of Telenor SMS packages for its customers at reasonable costs. Making it simpler for the Telenor users to send texts from any place to all over. To appreciate Telenor Daily SMS Packages, Telenor Weekly SMS Packages, Telenor Monthly SMS Packages. and Telenor Yearly SMS Package pick the best Telenor SMS Package and dial the code given below.

Telenor Daily SMS Packages:

SMS Packages which are presented by Telenor make our days simpler by giving us SMS packages which can be used for the day without stressing over the deduction of balance with each SMS.

Telenor Tiktok Packages: Weekly, Monthly

Package Name SMS Validity          Price Subscription
Daily Messaging Bundle SMS: 300 1 Day Rs. 2.5 Dial *2*2*1#
Daily SMS Bundle SMS:  240 1 Day   Rs. 4.78   Dial *345*116#
5 Day SMS Bundle SMS:  300 5 Days   Rs. 8.5 Dial 555
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Telenor Weekly SMS Package:

Telenor Weekly SMS Package help us send texts for a week without having to dial subscription code daily. Click once and enjoy throughout the week.

Package Name SMS Validity          Price Subscription
Weekly Messaging Offer SMS: 1200 Internet: 100 MB (WhatsApp) 7 Days   Rs. 11.95 Dial *2*2*2#
Weekly SMS Bundle SMS: 1200 7 Days Rs. 15.5 Offer can only be activated through the website and My Telenor App.
15 Day Economy SMS Bundle SMS: 800 15 Days Rs. 17 Dial *345*112#
15 Day Messaging Bundle SMS: 3500 Internet: 200 MB (WhatsApp) 15 Days   Rs. 41.83 Dial *2*2*5#
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Telenor Monthly SMS Package:

Telenor Monthly SMS Bundles help you send unlimited SMS for a complete Month and more in an affordable range.

Package Name SMS Validity          Price Subscription
Monthly Messaging Bundle   SMS: 10,000 Internet:  300 MB (WhatsApp/Facebook)   30 Days     Rs. 47.8   Dial *2*2*3#
Monthly SMS Bundle   SMS: 6000   30 Days   Rs. 47.8    Dial  *345*363#