Telenor Tiktok Packages: Weekly, Monthly

This article is written for Tiktok lovers to let you people know about Telenor Tiktok’s offer, but first, we will discuss some history and achievements of Telenor.

Establishing a connection was considered to be the most difficult task or we can say impossible a few decades back. It becomes possible with the help of some advanced hardworking cellular networks which bound themselves in raising the technologies to provide as many as possible facilities to the end-users.

Telenor comes under the high ranking networking companies all over the world owned by the Norwegian Company, Telenor Group. If we talk about the market share of Telenor, then it’s important to know that Telenor has a 28% cellular market share in Pakistan.

Telenor 4G Device Packages 2020

Telenor is growing day by day and has a wide range of subscribers which are increasing with the passage of time and currently, it has a subscriber base of 45 million and 1,900 employees serving the Telenor to promote its services more widely across the globe. Let’s take a look at its history, Telenor got a license of providing GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication) Services in Pakistan in April 2004 and further launched its services in Rawalpindi, Islamabad, and Karachi on 15 March 2005, then later spread its services in Lahore, Faisalabad, and Hyderabad on 23rd March 2005.

It is headquartered in Islamabad and has regional offices across Pakistan in Peshawar, Lahore, Faisalabad, Multan, Hyderabad, Quetta and Karachi. The purpose of telling you all this is to let you get the know-how about how Telenor got fame and gradually launched itself across the whole country. 4.5G (LTE Advanced) has been first launched by Telenor in Pakistan. Also, the credit for launching and introducing Voice-over LTE goes to Telenor, this plays a more vital role in building up the Telenor and has made an unbeatable competitor in the Pakistan Mobile and Telecom Industry.

Easypaisa is Pakistan’s first largest banking service launched by Telenor in 2008. Telenor also offers handsets that enable 4G in which Telenor Infinity E3 and Telenor Infinity E2 are also included. Telenor has also awarded a trophy for Largest Foreign Direct Investment by the Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry. These are some remarkable achievements of Telenor which I have discussed above.

This article contains the TikTok offer presented by your most demanding mobile data network, Telenor. Tiktok nowadays becomes a highly demanding social platform and a tough competition arises in terms of the number of users between other social platforms including Snapchat, Twitter, however, Tiktok is far away to compete with Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp as they continuously launching new offers and updates in their social apps in order to engage people with themselves and stop them from switching to other platforms. Tiktok is considered as the most valuable startup launched by ByteDance. Tiktok is known for creating short dance clips, showing hidden talents to the Tiktok users by performing challenging tasks, or doing lip-sync in someone’s original videos.

Tiktok is providing a range of sounds, from an original song to short TV moments or a short dance clip, you have a variety of fun-loving features through which you can make your videos more catchy and attractive. By analyzing the need for Tiktok, Telenor launches an amazingly good offer named Telenor Tiktok Offer for its users who loves Tiktok and spend their majority of the time doing fun on TikTok.

Now, at this moment where you have known about Tiktok usage demands and how Telenor is value-up your needs, let’s take a look at the details of Telenor Tiktok Offer.

Telenor Monthly Tiktok Offer

Now you can enjoy Tiktok for the whole month at cheaper rates through Telenor Monthly Tiktok Offer. In Pakistan, one of the biggest issues is load shedding, and ultimately we lost our internet connections that causes many issues, we are unable to connect to any social platform, no browsing, no videos, completely blank.

As these technologies and software makes us addicted to it, we keep using it when we are free for even minutes, we just take out our cell phones to check the response of the people on our posts, videos, and pictures. We do not even think about living without these technologies and social facilities as they are designed in a way to catch us and Tiktok is one of its examples. Keeping in mind the internet issues as well as the increasing ratio of Tiktok.

Telenor also presented reasonable offers including Telenor Monthly Tiktok Offer to make its users happy and satisfied with itself. So, to use Tiktok without facing any difficulty or not getting interrupted in between, you have a better option of Telenor Tiktok offer, the details related to this offer is given below,

Telenor Monthly Tiktok Offer includes


2GB Internet, now record your hashtags challenges with this mind-blowing Telenor Tiktok offer.


This offer is valid for 30 Days, Telenor informed its users at the expiration of Telenor Monthly Tiktok Offer.

Eligibility Criteria

Only prepaid Telenor users are eligible for this offer.

Customers can also send SMS ‘internet’ to 131 to activate internet settings on their devices.

To Activate Telenor Monthly Tiktok Offer

You can activate the package through My Telenor App, available on Google Play Store or by sending an SMS of ‘internet’ to 131 to activate the internet settings of the package which I have mentioned above in the Eligibility Criteria.

Another way to activate Telenor Tiktok Offer is to visit Telenor Portal, type your number and click on activate.

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To check remaining data of Telenor Tiktok Offer

Telenor provides a better option by launching My Telenor App for its users, where all kinds of Telenor services are available where you can also check your remaining data of Telenor Offers.

Terms and Conditions

Always keep in mind, if you are not subscribed to the bundle then default charges of 4.8/MB have been set by Telenor at 3G & 4G and default usage rate at 2G is of Rs. 25.09/MB.