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Janoobi Punjab Super Data Offer Gives You 5GB Data

Here comes another location-based offer for the Jazz users in Janoobi Punjab. Now Stay connected with your loved ones with this offer for one day. Janoobi Punjab Super Data Offer Gives You 5GB Data...
Jazz Call and SMS Packages

Jazz Call and SMS Packages: Hourly, Daily, Weekly and Monthly

With passing time, Jazz witnessed huge growth, finally coming up with together around 55 million users and Jazz Becomes the Largest Telecom Network in Pakistan. There is no doubt that Jazz has introduced new services for its...
Jazz pledges PKR 1.2 billion support towards Covid19 relief efforts

Jazz Call Packages 2020: Daily, Weekly and Monthly

When we heard of Jazz, the first thing that comes to our mind is a massive name in the mobile industry. Very shortly Jazz achieved complete dominance in the market. It provides exciting services,...