Standard Chartered Pakistan announces financial results of H1 2019

Press Release – To reinforce the importance of the code of conduct, Standard Chartered organized Conduct Week for its staff across Pakistan. The aim of this week was to let staff understand and demonstrate what is expected of them in delivering the right conduct outcomes for our stakeholders.

The main idea of this week was to engage staff through learning by refreshing knowledge on the Bank’s Policies & Standards, sharing lessons learned/case studies, conducting quizzes, and recognizing exemplary conduct behaviors.

Standard Chartered – supporting our colleagues, clients and communities

During the week various Panel discussions and interactive sessions were held. These discussions were led by senior Group and Regional leaders who shared their insights and experiences with an aim to helping drive ownership, effective performance, and the right culture.

The Bank invited Dr. Inayat Hussain, Executive Director, Banking Supervision Group (State Bank of Pakistan), at the Closing Ceremony of the Conduct week. Dr. Hussain shared his views on the importance of Conduct to the regulator and how Standard Chartered was playing an important role in embedding good conduct in the franchise.

Standard Chartered’s Conduct Vision is to “maintain the integrity of our brand promise, the standards in our Code and outcomes of our Group Conduct Management Framework, by continually proving we are Here for good through the way we do business.”

Standard Chartered Pakistan announces financial results of H1 2019

Commenting this week, Rehan Shaikh, Chief Executive Officer, Standard Chartered Pakistan said, “Our Group Code of Conduct (“the Code”) reflects our shared commitment to the highest standards of conduct and helps us to live our promise to be Here for good.

Our sustained focus on doing the right thing is a competitive advantage, and our commitment to the Code says: “This is what I stand for. I’m here for good. I stand for good. I work for Standard Chartered.” By doing things the right way, we can support our customers and clients while holding true to our values.”