Sony PS4 dualshock controller get new buttons

Sony PS4 dualshock controller get new buttons

Sony has unveiled a new official accessory for the PlayStation 4 console so that the new accessory is called the Back Button Attachment, which in turn adds, as the name suggests, a set of customizable buttons to the back of the PS4.

The new addition aims to give players more control in their games by allowing them to use the back and the front side of the console, and the addition also has a bright OLED screen, allowing players to know the settings they occupy.

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The new Back Button Attachment extension is connected to the Dualshock console via the port below the console, where the microphone is normally connected, and buttons can be set to perform up to 16 actions from elsewhere on the console more quickly and easily, such as Triangle or RI.

The OLED Round Screen clarifies the settings for each button at that moment, and pressing the bottom of the screen allows to reset the buttons according to the player’s desire, and the idea of ​​these back buttons revolves around the ease of touching and reaching them by the players through their hands that hold the console.

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A dedicated button allows the user to quickly reset the controls on the go without having to navigate to a list within the PS4, and Sony says that the add-on can store up to three unique profiles of two buttons at once and it works with all games, including PlayStation games VR.

It seems that the new addition is an attempt to compete with the Elite Series 2 console for the Xbox platform, which includes additional buttons included, but it costs much more, as it reaches $ 180, while the price of the new addition Back Button Attachment from Sony is $ 30, and it is supposed to arrive to the United States on January 23, 2020.