Galaxy S20 Ultra, All you need to know about next Samsung Flagship phone

Samsung has provided the Galaxy S20 Ultra with features that make it the most integrated smart phone yet, and has combined a large screen with a high refresh rate and high-resolution images of 1080p, and a zoom of up to 100 times the physical hardware we have not seen in any phone before. With all these specifications, you should expect a price that you have never seen before on any smartphone.

Galaxy S20 Ultra had the largest share of marketing, advertising campaign and leaks before the launch of the S20 series, being the most feature-packed phone, and embodies the latest and best technologies of the company, and its most powerful weapon that imposes its prestige and power in the smartphone market and raises the ceiling of competition to an extent that is not Unprecedented.

I can say that the phone is “Ultra” in every sense of the word – and this will become clear to us shortly in the following review – which will put more pressure on competitors and test their capabilities to manufacture and design new smart phones that carry new features that help them stand out in the market this year.


The design of the Galaxy S20 Ultra carries a similar imprint to its two cheaper siblings, the Galaxy S20 and S20 +, but it is easy to distinguish them, because of its large size compared to them, and the presence of a fourth close camera occupying a large place in the frame of the rear cameras.

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This phone is not designed for those with small hands, with dimensions of 166.9 x 76.0 you need a judgment for both hands to use it, and its large weight makes it 220 grams one of the heaviest phones by weight, weight or size will not be a problem for most users, they are those who chose the largest and most expensive ultra-heavily With more specifications and features, and for anyone who finds the phone huge, perhaps this type of technology does not suit him, and he has to start thinking about the smaller version.

The thickness of the Galaxy S20 Ultra increased compared to the advance of S10 + one millimeter, and it became 8.8 millimeters after it was 7.8 millimeters, probably due to the company’s desire to make space available for a larger battery, and the frame of the cameras is thicker than other devices.


It is known that the AMOLED screens manufactured by Samsung and provide them with their devices are the best screens ever, and this is confirmed by the screens of the previous S10 series phones, but now it has become much better, as the company raised the refresh rate of the Galaxy S20 Ultra screen – as the screens of the smaller versions of the phone – To become 120 Hz, after it was 60 Hz.

The screen refresh rate for non-specialists is the number of “pictures” frames that the screen can display in a second, and the higher the number of frames per second, the smoother the content is displayed, but unfortunately you will not reach the magnificence of the high refresh screens through videos or images, but rather you should test those screens Personally, the high refresh screen gives the phone great points of excellence, and an unparalleled user experience in the Android world considering that the Asus ROG Phone II screen with a 120 Hz refresh rate is not as good as the quality and clarity of the Samsung screens.

Samsung also raised the touch reading rate to 240 Hz, which means that the screen reads touch commands 240 times per second after it was 120 times in previous phones, which increases the smoothness of use and doubles the phone’s response speed to touch commands.

The phone has the largest screen used by Samsung in its smartphones up to 6.9 inches, with the front camera hole centered at 55% smaller than its predecessor S10 +. Since we are talking here about the leading Samsung phones, there is no doubt that they have vibrant colors and brightness sufficient for external use in a comfortable and clear way.

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The ultra-curved edges on the sides of the Galaxy S20 Ultra were deleted, and the company replaced it with a slight curvature that reduces the accidental touches of the screen edges and prevents color dispersion, while maintaining the elegance of the curved screens.


You never have to worry about the performance of the new phone, as it works with Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 865 processor for 2020 or Exynos 990 processor.

Samsung has given its new phone 12 GB of its LPDDR5 memory chips, but if you have a lot of money that you do not know where to go, and you decide to buy a 512 GB version of the phone, the company will give you a frightening amount of RAM of 16 GB, this number may seem overrated With it, but the mere ability of the company to include that amount of memory in a smartphone is an achievement for which the hat is raised, and it is worth noting that both chips support the technology of the fifth generation of 5G communications, in addition to the fourth generation 4G.


Since it is a flagship phone from Samsung, it is self-evident that it comes with the latest operating system from Google Android 10, in addition to the new user interface from One UI 2.1 after Samsung showed great work in refining and improving the first version of it.

The company added many simple and new features to the interface of its new phone, the first of which is the Single Take feature that it added to the camera, and we will talk about it more in the paragraph of the camera, in addition to the ability to upload videos accurately 8K directly to YouTube, as the integration with the Google Duo application increased, which helps to Make Full HD video calls simultaneously with 8 people.


The camera is one of the most important aspects of the Galaxy S20 Ultra, as the company gave its phone the largest camera sensor it has manufactured to date with a accuracy of 108 megapixels, and the wide-angle camera is 12 megapixels, while the telephoto camera is 48 megapixels.

The telephoto camera has optical zoom up to 4 times, and hybrid zoom without losing detail up to 10 times, meaning that you won’t suffer from losing any detail in the image when zoomed in.

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Samsung used a system called the Folded Zoom Lens similar to the one that Huawei used last year in the P30 Pro phone, which is in short a group of lenses that were designed to increase the focal length, and Samsung took advantage of the artificial intelligence capabilities to process the image and combine it with the optical zoom of the X4 camera, and with optical zoom Hybrid X10, and the result is to give the camera the ability to round up to 100 times, Samsung called Space Zoom.

The phone uses Nona-bining (Nona) technology which means 9 in Latin to combine the optical information coming from 9 pixels into one large pixel, and this means more light information, which contributes to increasing the effectiveness of the sensor in low-light conditions and night photography.

Samsung knows very well that the camera is one of the most attractive factors that users will be interested in when deciding to purchase the Galaxy S20 Ultra among the rest of the series phones, so it provided them with more features through the camera application, such as professional video mode that allows to adjust the exposure And aperture when recording video.

Single Take was the most interesting feature that attracted the auditors’ attention, it relies on artificial intelligence techniques to record video from all phone cameras and produces many different pictures and videos that you can choose and share quickly, and we will not forget to mention the phone’s ability to record 8K video at a rate of 24 fps , And is the first phone in the world to record video with this terrifying resolution, and you can also share it directly on the YouTube platform.

Samsung gave its Ultra 40-megapixel front camera instead of the 10-megapixel in the smaller versions, and this resolution theoretically contributes to improving night selfies by merging 4 pixels with each other just as the main camera does.


Not only is the screen increasing in size in the Galaxy S20 Ultra, but the battery also got a major upgrade and a noticeable increase in capacity, the phone’s battery capacity is 5,000 mAh, and it is not removable.

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This number would have seemed so huge two years ago, but Samsung has taken into account the many new and bulky technologies of energy, which explain the presence of a battery of this capacity, such as the large screen with a high refresh rate, and the technology of the fifth generation of 5G that requires more energy compared to the previous generation 4G .

Despite the large battery capacity, you will not wait long in front of the charger, as the phone supports fast charging capacity of 45 watts, which is a big upgrade even compared to smaller phones belonging to the S20 series, which supports fast charging capacity of 25 watts.