PM Imran Khan launches the biggest undergraduate scholarship program in Pakistan’s history

PM Imran Khan launches the biggest undergraduate scholarship program in Pakistan’s history

With the state presently in a state of disarray each politically and economically, the necessity for product developments has been dire. During all things are happening, excellent news has arrived in the kind of an announcement created by the nation’s prime minister yesterday; Imran Khan has formally launched the ‘largest ever needs-based undergrad scholarship program in the history of Pakistan’ below the umbrella of the Ehsaas program.

Developed with the underlying goal of steady rising academic opportunities for aspiring undergrad students and consequently enhancing the state of education in the nation, this huge scholarship program is incredibly promising also.

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With a grand total of 200,000 scholarships to be issued over consequent four years, half which is able to be for girls, the program will go an extended means in giving a lift to the underprivileged sections of our population.

As per the program, 50,000 scholarships are awarded to meriting and poor students each year over the course of consequent four years. The scholarships are issued by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) and can be applied for each public and taking part in non-public universities and schools. They will not solely cover tuition fees, however, they will give stipends to high-achievers from financially underprivileged families.

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In order to qualify for these scholarships, scholars should belong to either public sector universities or non-profit non-public institutions. Students admitted to any public sector university on the premise of advantage further as those belonging to families with an overall financial gain below the economic condition threshold also are eligible.

The deadline for applying for the scholarship program is 10th Dec 2019. In order to apply for it, one should visit the web portal for Ehsaas scholarship and submit the completed forms at his or her university’s financial aid workplace.