PlayStation Plus Free Games Expected In January 2019

As usual, we always try to offer you a variety of news circulating on the internet, including all those news related to the free PlayStation Plus games, during the last few weeks, the details of the games to be played during December for PlayStation Plus subscribers in January.

Today we are talking about games that can be free of cost for players on the PlayStation 4 through PlayStation Plus in January and what we find on the top of the list is a multiplayer title of Ubisoft Game Studio “For Honor”.

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Gaming industry giant Ubisoft gets monthly a significant number of content and after the availability of months ago on the Microsoft Xbox and there is a large percentage of the availability of the PlayStation Plus in the next month or months to come.

In the second choice, there is the game “The Witness”, which is characterized by a simple game where you have to solve the puzzles and several puzzles in a deserted island and the goal will be here to find a way to escape, knowing that the world of the latter really very interesting and full of colors.

In the end, specifically in the third option, we find the game “Prey”, which was presented more than a year ago, where it was provided by the Bethesda team as a game focusing on the exploration element in a very science fiction atmosphere and I think the opportunity will be favorable to pay a little by giving it to users free of charge On PlayStation Plus in January.

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To take advantage of all the offers, firstly you’ll already need to be part of the PlayStation Plus rewards program with either an annual or monthly subscription, but if you are not, then head to the official PlayStation site to get your reward.

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