Nokia Will Be One of The Top 3 Smartphone Companies in Pakistan

HMD Global is working on the production of smartphones that carry the brand Nokia, the company that topped the mobile sector for about 15 years and fell because it was unable to compare the giants “iPhone” and “Android Phones” back in days.

Nokia devices are now once again emerging prominently in retail stores, they show their presence and their fame grew rapidly.


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In 2017, Nokia shipped 70 million devices and became one of the fastest growing brands during the third quarter of 2018, which has almost disappeared from the map after Microsoft sold the brand and stopped operating Windows phones.

However, thanks to HMD the company has been able to revitalize itself through a series of smartphones and smartphones.

According to a recent report from Counterpoint, Nokia was the fastest growing smartphone brand in the third quarter of 2018, growing 73% year on year due to its popularity in India and the Southeast Asian market.


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HMD’s attempt to bring Nokia back into the spotlight began with the launch of Android devices Nokia 6, Nokia 3 and Nokia 5, not only focused on smartphones but launched new versions of the most famous phones, most notably 3310 and 8110.

HMD re-launched the Nokia smartphones in July 2018 and said:

“In 2017, we have sold more than 70 million devices globally. We are growing in 2018 and we will continue to do so in 2019. By 2022 we will be one of the top three brands in the region.”


According to company VP Ajay Mehta:

“HMD Global working on making the Nokia brand one of the three biggest smartphone manufacturing companies in the world within the next three to five years.”

The company said about Asia, in particular, is a distinct hardware market but at the same time, there is a significant contribution from other departments.

The company is betting on the spread of its brand in the Pakistani Markets and the rest of Asia, which had previously been the market leader.

HMD Global asserts that it focuses on offering the best smartphones at affordable prices, helping the region’s millennium generation to acquire the best technology, use it and participate in content creation and sharing on social networks and web platforms.


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Nokia currently on the ninth on the list but it will have its work cut out for it as it goes against similarly-positioned brands like Xiaomi, OPPO, and Vivo, all three of which are rapidly expanding.