Jazz, Telenor, Ufone and Zong Work From Home Packages During Coronavirus Lockdown

As we all know that the whole globe is suffering from this deadly virus called COVID-19 (coronavirus). Most of the population form different areas of the entire world is being infected from this virus because of the rapid spread of this virus from person to person. This virus was started from china and after creating a huge disaster in china, this virus takes its place in Italy where the situation becomes worse than ever.

By the proper examination of the current scenario of the world being infected by this virus, the World Health Organization (WHO) is forced to declare it as the Global Emergency. Moreover, to overcome this situation, the Government has to take the decision to complete Lockdown the countries in order to stop the spread of this virus.

As this virus is spreading by contact from person to person so nowadays, it becomes mandatory to maintain the distance from one another and keep yourself sanitize and clean.

Because of the complete lockdown in the countries, people are unable to go out for their work respectively.

Jazz Tiktok Packages: Daily, Weekly and Monthly

Work From Home Packages:

To overcomes this issue, The Telecommunication Companies of Pakistan (Jazz, Telenor, Ufone and Zong) have launched work from home packages at a relatively low cost so that people get themselves benefited from these offers and be able to continue their work from their homes.

Jazz Work From Home Internet Packages

If you want to work from home and also want to stay connected with your friends and office colleagues, here you go with the super amazing Jazz Work From Home packages at low prices. Also called as Jazz lockdown offer or Jazz lock down offer.

In this Jazz Work From Home or jazz corona internet offer bundles, you can get

  • 10 GB jazz internet data
  • Unlimited jazz on-net minutes (8 am – 6 pm)
  • Validity is 7 day
  • On the recharge of only100 rupees
  • Jazz WhatsApp Packages: Daily, Weekly, Monthly
  • Jazz Internet Packages: Daily, Weekly, Monthly
  • Jazz Call Packages: Daily, Weekly, Monthly
  • Jazz SMS Packages: Daily, Weekly, Monthly

Jazz Work From Home Bundles Subscription Code:

The subscription fee, subscription code and the validity of Jazz lockdown offer are as follows:

  • The subscription fee is Rs 100 only
  • Subscription code is *117*14#
  • Validity is 7 days

Jazz Work From Home Call Packages:

With the passage of time, the jazz network has become the number one telecommunication network all over Pakistan because Jazz is introducing a variety of call, SMS and internet bundles in a relatively cheap cost. This is the reason why most people are converting to the Jazz network for Jazz corona internet offer.

By examining the worldwide statistics of the current situation of the globe, Jazz network is offering wonderful call packages that will definitely benefit all of the Jazz users that are been working from home in this lockdown situation.

Jazz Work From Home Daily, monthly Call Packages:

The daily call packages from jazz offers:

  • 500 on-net minutes and 5 off-net minutes + 500 MB internet along with  500 SMS in just rupees 28 (including tax) with the validity of 1 day. Dial *558# to subscribe
  • Now avail 3000 Free on-net minutes and 150 Mb internet with the validity of 1 day. To subscribe to this offer, dial *212#
  • To subscribe to Jazz 3-day call offer, dial *211# and avail 500 free on-net minutes for 3 days.
  • To subscribe to Jazz monthly call offer, dial *430# and avail 10,000 Jazz to Jazz minutes and 50 off minutes on any other network with the validity of 30 days

Jazz Work From Home Internet Packages:

If you want to work from home and collaborate with your friends and family, here Jazz has come up with the mind-blowing internet buckets inappreciably low amount. The Jazz work from home internet package offers:

  • Weekly work from home internet bundle in which you can avail about 10 GB internet data, unlimited Jazz to Jazz minutes ( from 8 am – 6 pm) with the validity of 7 days in just rupees 88/Pkr (including tax).
  • Weekly super max bundle offers you 30 GB internet data (15 GB from 2 am – 2 pm), 10,000 jazz to jazz minutes, 10k SMS and 100 minutes on any other network in just rupees 299 (tax included).
  • Super Ghanta offer provides you with unlimited Jazz Internet data which you can use for 1 hour of online connectivity at only rupees 6 Rs (10 pm – 6 pm ) and Rs 12 ( 6 pm – 10 pm) including tax.

Telenor Work From Home Packages

Because of COVID-19 pandemic, similar to other networks, Telenor has also launched work from home packages including SMS, call and as well as internet packages in cheap prices so that their user could be equally benefited from their services.

Zong Super Card All Packages, SMS and 4G Internet Data

Telenor work from home internet packages:

Telenor network has launched Free Monthly Whatsapp Offer in which the Telenor customers can avail:

  • Whatsapp to make calls and do SMS with the data limit of about 2000 MBs.
  • Other offers called Telenor Stay at the Home offer which includes about 4GB internet data at just rupees 50 ( from 6 am – 6 pm) including tax

Telenor work from home call packages:

Telenor network has launched new hourly, weekly and monthly packages in order to work from home. These are as follows:

Telenor 1 day offer:

Telenor network offers a full day offer in which you can avail:

  • Unlimited Telenor on-net calls and 75 MBs internet in just rupees 15.50 (including tax) for 24 hours.
  • Get unlimited Telenor to Telenor minutes for 2 hours with 250 MB free facebook in just rupees 7 including tax.

Telenor 3 day call  Package:

  • Avail unlimited calls from 6 am to 6 pm with the validity of 3 days in just rupees 24.50 (tax included). For subscription dial *345*626#
  • Avail unlimited calls from 7 pm – 10 pm with the validity of 3 days in just rupees 34. For subscription dial *345*299#.

Telenor Work From Home Weekly Call Offers:

  • Now you can avail 700 Telenor to Telenor minutes and weekends free in just rupees 74 ( including tax) for 7 days. To subscribe, dial *5*7000#
  • 1000 Telenor + Ptcl minutes and 50 minutes on any other network for just Rs 130 including tax. You can use this service for 7 days with this updated Telenor work from home call offer.

Get Free Zong minutes

As customer service is the first and foremost priority of Zong Network. So, in this era of quarantine, Zong Network is entertaining their Users with the Zong Free Minute Service so that people would be able to remain in contact with their friends and relatives while staying in homes. Moreover, the packages, Zong is giving to their users is cheap and affordable.

How to get Zong Free Minutes?

To get benefited from the zong free minutes service you have to follow these steps:

  • For the Zong 4G customers, dial *45#.
  • Get 20 Zong to Zong minutes
  • Without any additional charges application!

Zong 4G has become number 1 telecommunication network all over Pakistan. This network has achieved over 40 millions of subscribers due to its fast internet streaming, cheap call and SMS packages and this can only be possible by the Zong customers. Zong network is trying its best to become part of the COVID-19 safety campaign by providing best services. We Care For You and That’s why we want you to stay safe, stay connected and benefited with Zong!

Unique service offered by Ufone

As we all know well about the current circumstances of the whole world. COVID-19 is becoming worse and worse for all of us and the situation is getting crucial day after day. Our government is taking preventive measures and we are all supposed to cooperate with our government in order to overcome this situation. We can only help this by getting ourselves isolated (quarantined) until and unless the situation becomes under control. But isolation means to keep a distance from our friends, family, relatives colleagues and social circle which is actually very difficult for all of us.

To overcome this social distancing, Ufone brings a SUPER Offer for its beloved users that is Ufone Free Whatsapp offer. Now you can use free Whatsapp for audio calls, video calls and chatting with your loved once at any time with Ufone network!

My Ufone App:

Besides this Mega service offered by Ufone network, you can now avail a number of other services and offers in relatively low cost by using MyUfoneApp. You can also get recharged by installing My Ufone Application or by visiting the online official website of Ufone.

Our network is trying our best to provide you as cheapest and good services to overcome your isolation as we can and in return we just want you to be safe and healthy because our customers are our 1st priority.

I hope this article is quite informative and provides you with the solution to every problem related to the details of the package of the telecommunication network.

As coronavirus is spreading very quickly so you are requested to stay in homes and get yourself benefited from the above-mentioned packages to stay connect with your friends and relatives.