Huawei P40 Series Launched - Full Specification and Price in Pakistan

Huawei announced on Thursday, along with my phone (Huawei P40) and (Huawei P40 Pro) a third phone with very advanced specifications, which is (Huawei P40 Pro Plus) Huawei P40 Pro Plus, now we’ll show you what will the [rice of Huawei P40 in Pakistan.

The phone (Huawei P40 Pro Plus) that it offers the same advanced specifications provided by (Huawei B40 Pro), but there is a second telescope lens with an 8-megapixel sensor, which makes the number of rear cameras 4 cameras, as well as the sensor of 3D imaging ToF.

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The second lens uses a focal length of 240 millimeters, i.e. twice the focal length of the only telescope lens in a phone (Huawei P40 Pro), and thus the phone becomes the first to provide lenses of this length. The phone also has an additional telephoto camera with a 80mm lens, with the aim of bridging the gap between extreme zoom and a regular camera. This gives users more flexibility and allows them to take high-quality pictures at different distances.

Huawei P40 Series Launched - Full Specification and Price in Pakistan
Huawei announces P40 Pro + with unique specifications and confirms that Corona will not affect sales

In addition to the additional lens, (Huawei P40 Pro Plus) is the first phone to support 40W fast wireless charging technology. It also supports reverse charging technology. The phone also features that the internal storage memory of 512 GB.

The phone also features that it comes with a body made of durable ceramic, but as for the rest of the specifications, they are the same provided by (Huawei P40 Pro Plus), and the phone will be available from next June at a price of PKR 250000(Expected).

Huawei P40 Series Launched - Full Specification and Price in Pakistan
Huawei announces P40 comes with 40W fast charging.

Separately, Huawei CEO Richard Yu said on Thursday in an online question-and-answer session after the announcement of the new Huawei P40 phones: The availability of phones will not be affected by the outbreak of the new Corona virus.

Yu talked about Huawei’s mobile services (HMS), virus status, and new Celia voice assistant. Yu said: The availability of (Huawei P10), (Huawei P40 Pro), and (Huawei P40 Pro Plus) will not be affected by the virus, and he emphasized that the phones and their components entered the production stage since last December, that is, before they lead Virus outbreaks disrupt supply chains.

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Speaking of demand, Yu revealed that people now want more laptops and tablets as they have to work and study from home. And smartphones have also generally seen an increase in demand, given that people are spending more time using them.

As for Huawei mobile services, HMS will remain the main platform in light of the ongoing US sanctions that prevent the Chinese company from using Google services and applications.

Huawei P40 Series Expected Price in Pakistan:

Name of Set Expected Price in Pakistan
1)      Huawei P40 PKR 142500
2)      Huawei P40 Pro PKR 178000
3)      Huawei P40 Pro Plus PKR 250000