Huawei Mate 30 Series Pictures Leaked Ahead of Release

Huawei Mate 30 Series Pictures Leaked Ahead of Release

Ahead of the official launch of Huawei’s new range of phones, Huawei Mate 30, next Thursday, the Internet has seen the emergence of a series of new images that take a closer look at the upcoming phone, where Huawei will put all its technology and ideas Innovative.

The images were leaked through Evan Blass (@evleaks), one of the famous bloggers and followers of technology, and shows in the pictures four different versions of the phone “Mate 30”, ranging in specifications and forms, but they will all be released without the various applications of Google thanks, according to the site “Engadget” E-tech news specialist.

Mate 30 Pro “The most powerful version”

Mate 30 Pro version of phone will be the most powerful, with the regular version as well, on the chip provider “Kirin 990”, which supports connect to the 5G processor, which indicates that a copy of the “Pro” version regular Staatmtaan technology capabilities 5-G.

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The images show that the screen of the “Pro” will contain a notch “Notch” in the middle of the top, in addition to that it is designed in the way of waterfall, or “waterfall”, which is the name given to the screens that bend and extend on the sides of the device.

Another image of the back of the device shows four cameras / sensors, placed in a circular frame, and can be seen the logo of the company “Leica” specialized in the manufacture of imaging systems. Some have suggested that there are two 40-megapixel cameras, and an 8-megapixel camera for wide-angle shooting, and that the fourth camera will be dedicated to borrowing time or “Time-Of-Flight sensor”, but this is only speculation.

It also appears in the images that the “Pro” will be equipped with dual SIM, since there are two signal strength indicators “signal strength indicators” at the top of the device in the leaked images.

Huawei Mate 30

The pictures showed that the regular version will be equipped with a “Notch” smaller than the screen “Pro”, and some have attributed the difference in the size of the “Notch” because of the lack of sensors for the feature of “unlock the phone using the face”, or “Face Unlock”, which is in the version Normal, compared to the most powerful version.

The normal version will be carrying a processor equipped with the new chip “Kirin 990 SoC”, as we mentioned, which will enable the phone to connect to the 5G networks, has appeared “signal strength sensor”, in the image of the normal version, similar to the signal sensors of the 5G network, a strong indicator to contain The normal version, and the most powerful version, for 5G network capabilities.

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It is expected that this version will also be equipped with two places for two SIM cards, and experts were unable to identify the design of the rear cameras of the device, since there is no picture of the device’s back of this version in the leaked images.

Mate 30 Lite

This version is very different from the previous two versions, it is a small hole at the top of the screen of the front camera, rather than the notch in the previous two versions. The rear image of the device showed a quadrant frame for the rear cameras, with the fingerprint sensor used to unlock the phone.

Leaker Evan Blass announced in a subsequent tweet that the Lite version of the phone would be similar to the Nova 5i Pro, which was equipped with a processor that uses the chip “Kirin 810”, less powerful than the processor of the previous two versions.

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Huawei Mate 30 Porsche Design

The Porsche version is a distinctive version of the most powerful version of the phone, the “Mate 30 Pro”, and features an exterior inspired by the famous “Porsche” cars, where it comes with a leather-covered back, either black or red.

The phone will run Android operating system .. But without Google Apps

The US government has imposed sanctions on “Huawei”, was to prevent US companies from dealing with the Chinese company, which means that Google will not allow Huawei to use its software on any of its devices, although this will not prevent phones from using the operating system Android, as it is an open source operating system, but it means that all popular Google programs, such as Google Maps and YouTube, will not be present on the new phone, and will also be missing the application store application “Google Play”, which is the main (but not the only) means for users Android phones to get almost all phone apps.