Huawei launches innovative AI and 5G solutions at GITEX 2019

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At this year’s GITEX Technology Week in Dubai, Huawei will showcase the leading role of AI, cloud computing and the development of the 5G global ecosystem in empowering businesses and promoting business growth and connectivity to the world during the current digital era.

Huawei is organizing its participation under the theme ‘Building a Connected Smart World’ at stand Z2-A10 in Zabeel Hall 2, focusing on the theme ‘Advanced Intelligent Technologies’ and ‘Preparing to deploy 5G Network’, as well as showcasing a range of global model studies and joint innovations. With a number of partners and customers.

Huawei plans to conquer the world with a new plan

As more and more companies realize the value of AI, Huawei is demonstrating how to operate AI technologies across a range of state-of-the-art chipsets and use them in new products such as limited internal networks or data center networks, storage, and data center facilities, the cloud, or CCTV.

The company also highlights how these products will be used in a wide range of areas including energy, transportation, financial technology, smart cities, and government services, as well as technical presentations by Huawei at the show.

It will also showcase a range of pragmatic case studies from Huawei regional and global customers that will highlight the evolution of Huawei’s integrated multi-scenario AI technology portfolio, unveiled for the first time at GITEX 2018. This will include a presentation of best practices from existing 5G projects in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait, as well as an update on the commercial use of 5G worldwide.

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Visitors will be showcasing Huawei’s pioneering 5G expansion solutions, which include new standards, new products, terminals, security procedures, and 5G business models.

Huawei also highlights the impact of 5G in other areas beyond the telecommunications sector, noting new uses of 5G, which are not limited to virtual reality and gaming on the cloud and robots, but also industrial.

Charles Yang, President of Huawei Middle East, said: “Huawei strives to build a fully connected, intelligent world. When people think of Huawei, the first thing that comes to mind is communication; although we have been investing in telecommunications for the last 30 years, we are not just that.

Huawei Innovation Day Middle East 2019

In conjunction with GITEX, Huawei will hold the “Huawei Innovation Day in the Middle East” on October 7, and the event will include three discussion sessions: a conference on the establishment of a 5G ecosystem, “Preparing to launch a 5G network”; and a conference on artificial intelligence. Titled ‘Advanced Intelligence Technologies’; and a panel discussion on Huawei Developer Day Dubai 2019, which focuses on building a better and more inclusive ecosystem.

The 5th Generation Ecosystem Conference will be attended by regulators, telecom operators, analysts and other stakeholders in the ICT sector. The discussion will feature global model studies on 5G technology and the unlimited opportunities that 5G technology offers for both individuals and industries in the Middle East.

Huawei plans to conquer the world with a new plan

The AI ​​conference will focus on the use of Huawei’s latest technologies to support innovation in AI. Huawei’s regional customers and partners will deliver a series of lectures that will give attendees a glimpse of the endeavors to build more open, collaborative and sustainable ecosystems to enable digital transformation. The conference agenda will also include pilot studies of spectacular regional projects in which organizations will use locally developed AI technologies.
These capabilities enable AI to be delivered at affordable cost and performance. Reliable all-inclusive without exception.

According to Huawei’s annual World Industrial Vision 2025 report, global data volumes are expected to increase from 32.5 billion bytes in 2018 to 180 zillion bytes in 2025, and corporate demand for AI computing doubled every three months and AI adoption rate increased to 80% By 2025.

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As a result, organizations are now seeking stronger AI computing performance through user-friendly platforms that integrate AI into the cloud, network end, or personal device.

GITEX also comes in conjunction with the upcoming launch of the 5G network on a large scale, and visitors will benefit from Huawei’s unparalleled experience in the field of 5G. To all over the world.

Huawei will also share its vision of building a competitive and efficient 5G broadband ecosystem while developing new services within the 5G network.