Huawei is among the top 10 brands in the world

Huawei vows to help another 500 million people benefit from digital technology

“Brand Finance Global”, which specializes in ranking the best brands in the world, announced that “Huawei” joined for the first time in its history the list of the best 10 brands in the world, according to its report published recently for the top 500 brands in the current year. The report, the value of the brand of “Huawei” by more than 65 billion dollars, which represents an increase of 4.5% annually.

According to the report, the shift to the fifth generation communications globally (5G) – which started in 2009 – witnessed strong competition among technology companies, and Huawei achieved great successes, enabling it to successfully expand the scope of its business to include markets that have been the exclusive domain of Western companies.

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Despite the challenges that the company faced in a number of global markets, the most important of which is the United States, it has made great progress on the level of business growth and continued confidence in it. The report indicates that Huawei technologies are still popular and valued by the company’s customers and consumers in general. all over the world.

The “Brand Finance Global” report was based on facts and figures, led by Huawei, overtaking Apple to become the second best-selling mobile phone brand globally in 2019. According to reports by Strategy Analytics and a research company, 240 million Huawei smartphones were shipped to all countries of the world in 2019.

Huawei continues to lead the network equipment manufacturers worldwide, in addition to its wide portfolio of comprehensive solutions for computing and hardware technologies. The report also gives great consideration to the contributions of “Huawei” in the field of establishing international standards and standards for communications and information technology, the most important of which is the fifth generation networks.

The report cites that “Huawei” is an active member in more than 400 organizations for standards, industrial alliances, and open source societies. Last year, it was ranked fifth on the European list of industrial research and development among the largest investors in the field of research and development in the world.

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It is noteworthy that, thanks to its focus on innovation driven by its large investments in research and development, Huawei managed to expand its products and solutions across the enterprise and consumer sectors in the year 2019.

It also strengthened its dominance of the fifth generation investments through new products, solutions and chip-sets associated with artificial intelligence, and worked to provide All advanced products and solutions in the Asian Region that focus on them, given their importance at the level of digital transformation projects and the launch of fifth generation networks, and were strategic partners for telecom operators and public and private institutions, and in support of Governments in the field of digital transformation and the building of local cadres in the field of technology and support the building of the system path of ecological comprehensive and integrated communication technology and information in the countries in which they operate on the road to building sustainable digital economies based on knowledge.