Google launches Android 10 Go for low-spec phones

Google announced the launch of the system (Android 10 Go) Android 10 Go edition for smartphones with low specifications, and with many new features.

“In many places in the world, low-level smartphones are often the first and only way to access the Internet,” Google said.

“Since we developed Android to be for everyone, we have sought to make these affordable and high-quality devices a top priority. That’s why we launched Android (Go) in 2018, a system designed specifically for smartphones with a capacity of RAM 1.5 GB or less. “

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With Android 10 (Go), Google said the system has become faster, more secure, including helping users switch between apps faster and without consuming too much power. The company also improved speed and reliability, as applications run 10% faster than Android 9 (GO).

To increase privacy, the company said: Android 10 (Go version) includes a new method of encryption built by Google specifically for low-spec phones and called it (Adenatom) Adiantum. She explained that this technology was built to work efficiently without the need for special hardware, which means that all phones (Go version) will get the same level of security without compromising performance.

Google said in its publication: “Look for the launch of new phones with Android 10 (Go version) later this fall.”

To bring new experiences, Google announced a number of updates to Google Go, including AI-based microsphere reading for web pages, and Google Lens, a camera-only translation.

YouTube Go – which helps people watch the video even with poor connectivity – has improved the playback of live videos.

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The Google Photos app has been updated to the Gallery Go section, which makes it easy for users to find photos on low-end phones, using machine learning technology, although the size of the application does not exceed 10 MB.

Over the past 18 months, more than 500 companies have launched 1,600 Android phones in more than 180 countries, including India, Pakistan, South Africa, Nigeria, Brazil, and the United States.

The company also pointed out that in some countries the price of Android phones (Go version) to about 27 US dollars only.