Digital Pakistan initiative announced to digitally transform Pakistan

Digital Pakistan initiative announced to digitally transform Pakistan

Prime Minister Imran Khan formally proclaimed and inaugurated the Digital Pakistan campaign. The initiative can set the country within the direction of the abundant required and anticipated tech-enabled future.

So as to achieve the outlined targets, a task force named Strategic Reform and Implementation Unit (SRIU) is started with Jahangir Khan Tareen, previously Secretary General of PTI and Tania Airdus former Google Product Director for Payments & Next Billion Users taking the helm of the force.

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Governor of State Bank Reza Baqir is going to be overseeing Digital Payments and its reforms with banks. Tania and Reza both are overseas Pakistanis who have left profitable careers at Google and International Monetary Fund respectively to be a part of the Government’s initiative for Digital Pakistan.

With over a year since PTI took over, the govt. is currently trying to closely monitor progress in IT sectors and taking fast steps towards digitizing Pakistan still as preparing its Youth for the IT-enabled future.

Since the reformation program applies to any or all industry segments, it’s not being confined to one ministry.

The goals printed for this initiative are:

  • Access and connectivity
  • Digital Infrastructure
  • E-Governance
  • Digital Skills and literacy
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship

In future months, the govt. are setting monthly targets to attain the mentioned goals. The targets can address the foremost challenges faced by Pakistanis at once.

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Throughout the press conference, it was highlighted that there’s enormous potential within the tech sector of Pakistan and therefore the only demand for it to flourish is an enabling atmosphere. Prime Minister emphasized the requirement for adopting technology and skills in the long run and mentioned that the academic program is transformed too.

With 170 million mobile users, 75 million broadband users and 25 thousand IT graduates in a year, Pakistan have untapped potential that’s waiting to be unlatched.

The higher than goals alongside the combined efforts of the govt. and the tech community can facilitate amendment the ecosystem towards a higher and connected Pakistan.