Xiaomi Will Launch 100W Fast Wired Charging Next Month

The tech world is filled with competition. Every now then we encounter a trend which is followed by all mobile manufacturers.

These days fast charging is trending and every one smartphone giants try to incorporate fast charging to its devices attracting more people towards the brand.

Just yesterday, we came to understand that Oppo is functioning on 125 Watt fast charging technology and it’s one of the newest technology till now.

Xiaomi Mi 10 will overwhelm the most powerful Huawei phones

Now we’ve come to understand that the Chinese company is additionally close to introducing Xiaomi 100W fast wired charging next month.

Xiaomi 100W Fast Wired Charging- A Milestone Achieved

Xiaomi’s 100 Watt fast charging was in rumors for a few months now and therefore the company has also revealed the challenges faced by the R&D team to form this technology work. It seems that finally, the corporate has found how and therefore the components needed for this tech have entered production.

The hardware that’s finalized by the corporate is named Super Charge Turbo and ts is claimed to support 100-watt fast charging.

It is said to enter Foxconn’s factories for production. It means if everything goes consistent with the plan and on time, Xiaomi will launch this new technology by next month.

Even if Xiaomi is in a position to launch this tech, we should always not oversee Oppo which s performing on even better technology that supports 125 Watt fast charging.

Xiaomi Mi 10 will overwhelm the most powerful Huawei phones

No doubt, Oppo has remained the pioneer when it involves introducing fast charging solutions to the market while others have just followed the trend. Let’s see how Xiaomi fast charging tech will perform. Let’s wait and watch!