Huawei Technologies introduced its secure online transaction service –
HUAWEI Pay in Pakistan in 2020. It is a safe, secure, easy, and efficient way to make payment via your Huawei
devices, supporting card payments. As a mobile payment service by Huawei in partnership with Union Pay and
National Bank of Pakistan, the service leverages bank payments, QR payment options and its phones capabilities of
Near Field Communication (NFC) to provide a contactless payment option.
HUAWEI Pay facility can be used by installing the HUAWEI Wallet app from HUAWEI AppGallery and adding a
payment option. Such as:
Bank Cards (currently supports NBP virtual cards)
 Loyalty Cards
 Gift Cards
 Coupons
With either of these options added, make simple quick and easy transactions by scanning a simple QR code. An
efficient payment method requiring simple clicks, and zero contact. Make a transaction by:
1. Opening the HUAWEI Wallet App and Scanning the QR code
2. Entering payable amount and confirming transaction
3. Enjoying the successful payment!
The HUAWEI Pay facility can be used at any merchant having the HUAWEI Pay logo showcased on their QR display
code. It is an authenticated, secure and verified way of making payments anywhere in Pakistan to merchants that
support HUAWEI Pay. With every transaction, requiring authenticated by fingerprint or passcode, and anti-fraud
features – HUAWEI Pay transactions receive the same fraud protection provided by your bank as when you use your
bank card.
Experience HUAWEI Wallet at your fingertips, and leverage full-stack digitalization to store cards, tickets, and other
contents in the Wallet app, and become the new generation of digital users with HUAWEI Pay.