Sony and Amazon apologize for Barcelona’s MWC 2020

Sony and Amazon apologize for Barcelona's MWC 2020

It seems that the expected world smartphone conference to be held in Barcelona, ​​Spain, by the end of this month, has become threatened with cancellation after Sony and Amazon announced their apologies to attend and participate in fear of the deadly Virus Corona.

According to GSM Tech, today, Sony and Amazon have officially revealed in statements that they will not participate in the conference, fearing for the lives of the officials and officials responsible for their missions.

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With this decision, the total number of companies unable to participate in the conference became 7 companies, after making Samsung, ZTE, LG, Ericsson, and Nvidia.

But Samsung has not yet released an official statement, but what confirms the seriousness of the matter is that a number of Samsung employees have canceled their trips to Europe, specifically Spain, out of fear of the Coronavirus, and will unveil tomorrow its biggest event, the Galaxy S20 launch, with its three versions.

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The South Korean LG and Chinese ZTE were among the first to apologize for participating in the World Smartphone Conference in Barcelona, ​​Spain, from February 24 to 27.