Jazz & QMobile Hiring Esra Bilgic as Brand Ambassador is Slap on Every Pakistani Face

Dilris-Ertugrul, a Turkish drama that was being translated into Urdu and aired on PTV, was a huge hit. No doubt, the overall story, the plot, the way it is picturized, and everything is just up to the mark.

It gained so much popularity in just a couple of months that it became a part of every household in Pakistan.

With its popularity, some of the actors from the drama got extremely popular, including Engin Altan (Ertagurul) and Esra Bilgic (Haleema).

No doubt, they were given all due respect on out talk shows, and they even recorded some video clips for Pakistani on Eid. Everything was fine till Peshawar Zalmi announced that Esra Bilgic might be the brand ambassador of their team for the Pakistan Super League.

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There was an exchange of tweets between Javed Afridi and Esra Bilgic. Now Jazz and Qmobile are also part of it as they have hired Turkish actress as Brand Ambassador.

Jazz & QMobile Showing Patriotism by Prioritizing Esra Bilgic Over Local Talent

From that, we realized that the fan following of the actress in Pakistan was too much. Catching this, Qmobile, which was sleeping after the mobile smuggling scandal for two years now, decided to give a new image to their brand by hiring Esra Bilgic as their brand ambassador, launching Qmobile View Max Pro. Wow, isn’t it great? Now people will buy the device just because an international actress has worked in it, forgetting the scandal Qmobile was indulged in.

On the other hand, one of the finest telecom operator Jazz, who call themselves “Pakistan ka no 1 Network”, in all the adverts, social media post and tweets just to prove how much Pakistani they are have also hired Esra Bilgic to wish their customers, Eid Mubarak, where she will reveal they “we will meet you soon”, which clearly shows she is also about to be the part of our patriotic Telecom operator Jazz who decided to pay international actress for a becoming a part of their brand while showing patriotism to Pakistan? Amazing!

No doubt, both JAZZ and Qmobile are criticized for prioritizing an international model/actress over Pakistani ones. Even Zhalay Sarhadi said that hiring seeing Esra Bilgic every where in Pakistani adverts is a slap on our face.

To be very honest, she is right. If these companies cannot promote Pakistani Talent why will we own them? I will definitely buy Huawei over Qmobile and will use Telenor, a Norwegian brand over Jazz.

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No doubt, it seems that Pakistan is left with no talent and beauty; that is why our so-called Pakistani brands like Jazz and Qmobile have to hire someone from 3,238 km away from our country.

Till Peshawar Zalmi, it was fine, but our brands should give a chance to our local actresses as well instead of bombarding all the adverts with the same face as its quite boring as well.