Jazz Network Deploys the first 400G Network Successfully

“What is next, then? “Did you raise this question or are you responsible for addressing it more specifically when it involves your network’s optical technology? Jazz Network goes fast.

Today, a coherent third generation arrives within the sort of a 400G-capable single-wavelength system to stay up with the large rate of knowledge development. Equinix. This has estimated that the interconnected network would hit 5000 Tb/s by 2020.

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Clients with faster and better data requirements would benefit greatly from this growth. This 400 G network can increase data capacity at high speeds like quite 180,000 HD video streams simultaneously or over 70,000 downloaded songs in one second.

Jazz successfully deployed its fiber-optic network with what it calls the primary 400 G technology within the country. The 400 G technology solves many problems in demand for broadband because it significantly increases existing network data-carrying capacity without changing infrastructure and may provide up to 400 billion bits of data per second, said the corporate.

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Present and way forward for technology Growth

“We remember that users are utilizing high-bandwidth software more and more, which puts the burden on traditional database networks,” said Jazz CEO Aamir Ibrahim. Our 400G technology helps us to provide more data on a longtime network sooner. Jazz is devoted to the event of a digital ecosystem to assist individuals and businesses with changing technological needs.

The 400 G platform addresses several challenges because it dramatically enhances the data-carrying ability of established networks and may supply up to 400 billion bits of data per second without modifying their infrastructure.

Jazz believes that investments in additional adaptive networks that encourage creativity and permit more sophisticated infrastructure delivery are critical as initiatives like Smart Cities are taking shape across the country and new apps are utilizing technology like VR, AR, 4 K, 8 K, 16 K, and therefore the Internet of Things.

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Jazz isn’t the primary move in establishing the network against the rising need for data within the future. The mobile operator recently successfully introduced 200 G technology on its long-distance optical transport network and 100 G technology on its metro networks.

The 400 G Jazz network now carries live consumer traffic within the Lahore metro area, with more extension planning underway.