Jazz Internet Packages 2020: Daily, Weekly and Monthly

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Jazz Call and SMS Packages: Hourly, Daily, Weekly and Monthly

In this article, I will tell you about the Jazz/Warid Internet Packages as I know most of the Mobilink users have been searching for Jazz/Warid Internet Packages but didn’t find any detailed informative post of all internet offers launched by Jazz.

Before moving towards packages first have some discussion on the internet, why the internet becomes as important as our health nowadays. If the internet service is not available for some time, it badly affects our routine work, seems like everything is paused.

It is because we are badly addicted to the internet due to social platforms (Facebook, twitter, youtube, Snapchat, etc) and everything is available on google, people searched and find the required answers to their queries.

If anybody confused in the routes or location of his/her destination, then google says buddy it’s not a big deal because google map is being there for your help, only you just have to enter your destination point and it will guide you with the proper directions as well as you can view the location on the map also. This means everything is now transformed into advanced technologies that required high-speed internet for its functionality.

Jazz 4G Device Packages 4G Internet, Jazz Wifi Internet Packages

Now let’s have a look at the most demanding telecom network, Jazz, and its contribution to the competitive telecom market. In a very short time period, Jazz has gained positive fame among the networks by providing quality services to its subscribers.

After Jazz and Warid acquisition, the number of subscribers increases which helps Jazz/Warid to maintain a more stable and stronger position among the competitive networks. After beginning its operation in 1994, Jazz always puts its customer’s reviews about the quality of services it provides on the first priority that’s why Jazz always kept on improving itself to get more closer to the rate of satisfaction and needs of its customers and providing extra effective and benefiting offers and by doing so today they stand as one of the biggest telecommunication company across the globe. Jazz/Warid offers delightful packages which also includes Jazz/Warid Internet Packages, here you will find complete and accurate details related to Jazz/Warid Internet Packages.

Jazz/Warid Daily Internet Packages:

Now you can enjoy daily net packages with Jazz at very affordable prices. Jazz/Warid offers a variety of Jazz/Warid Daily Internet Packages for those customers who are not addicted to the internet but sometimes or a single day in a week, they want all their work assignments or research-based work to be done or even some got a free time for a whole and they want to do some gossips or share their whole stories, routine to their relatives, friends or others, then Jazz/Warid Daily Internet Packages will completely fit on your needs. The details of all Jazz/Warid Daily Internet Packages are given below, choose any of them and activate it to enjoy your whole day.

Package Name Volume Validity          Price Subscription
Daily Social 200 MB for Facebook & WhatsApp 1 Day   Rs. 5.98 (Incl. tax)   Dial *114*5#
Daily Data Bundle (Peak-Off Peak) 100 MB (24 Hrs)
1100 MB in Off-Peak (2 am-2 pm
1 Day   Rs. 24 (Incl. tax) Dial *117*4#
Daily Browser 50 MB 1 Day Rs. 11.95 (Incl. tax) Dial *117*11#
Daily Social Recursive 200 MBs for Facebook & Whatsapp 1 Day Rs. 5.98 (Incl. tax) Dial *455#
Hourly Extreme 2,000 MB Next 2 Hours Rs. 20.32 (Incl. tax) Dial *846#
3 Day Extreme 500 MB 3 days (2 AM – 2 PM) Rs. 17.9 (Incl. tax) Dial *114*14#
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Jazz/Warid Weekly Internet Packages:

Jazz/ Warid Internet Packages makes life easier of those who get a whole tough week including office work, online presentations, assignments or managing employees or to be in contact with colleagues and to manage all these, need high-speed internet 24/7 as well as who got a whole week holiday and plan to enjoy movies or to get all your friends to connect together with you through skype or WhatsApp then also Jazz/Warid Weekly Internet Packages will be enough for your needs and will make you happy. Know more about Jazz/Warid Internet Package weekly below:

Package Name Volume Validity          Price Subscription
Weekly Streamer 1 GB 7 Days   Rs. 95 (Incl. tax)   Dial *117*7#
Weekly Mega 5 GB 7 Days Rs. 190 (Incl. tax) Dial *159#
Weekly Mega Plus 20 GB (use 10GB from 2AM – 2PM Only) 7 Days Rs. 240 (Incl. tax) Dial *453#
Weekly Social 5 GB (24 Hours) for IMO, WhatsApp & Facebook 7 Days Rs. 50 (Incl. tax) Dial *660#
Weekly Premium  3 GB 7 Days Rs. 140 (Incl. tax) Dial *117*47#
Weekly Extreme 2500MB 7 Days (2 AM – 2 PM) Rs. 71.7 (Incl. tax) Dial *117*14#
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Jazz/Warid Monthly Internet Packages:

Now here comes at the most blockbusters offers presented by Jazz named as Jazz/Warid Monthly Internet Packages. Jazz Monthly Internet Packages, once activated can be used easily throughout the month.  If you a Jazz user and you did not have any knowledge about Jazz Monthly Internet Offers then you are too slow and there is a need to increase your knowledge about the present advance offers and technologies. An individual must have a will to explore new offers, ideas, technologies, etc to be able to stand with the current and coming extra advance generations. Jazz offers Jazz/Warid Monthly Internet Packages to wipe off your worries regarding slow internet because by subscribing to any of these mentioned amazing offers, you have to pay affordable amount only once at the time of package activation then you are allowed to use internet for a whole month without any chances of paying any extra charges. Details of Jazz/Warid Monthly Internet Packages have been mentioned below:

Package Name Volume Validity    Price Subscription
Monthly Browser 4 GB (2 GB 2 AM – 2 PM) 30 Days   Rs. 215 (Incl. tax)   Dial *117*77#
Monthly Mega 8 GB (4 GB 2 AM – 2 PM) 30 Days Rs. 375 (Incl. tax) Dial *117*31#
Monthly Mega Plus 12 GB ( 6 GB 2 AM – 2 PM) 30 Days Rs. 600 (Incl. tax) Dial *117*30#
Monthly Supreme 20 GB ( 10 GB 2 AM – 2 PM) 30 Days Rs. 885 (Incl. tax) Dial *117*32#
Monthly Extreme Volume: 5,000 MB 30 Days (2 AM-2 PM) Rs. 120 (Incl. tax) Dial *117*34#

Jazz/Warid 4G Internet Data Sim Packages

Jazz/Warid 4G Internet Data Sim Packages are solely available for data sims launched by Jazz for providing fastest internet service without any interruption.

Jazz Tiktok Packages: Daily, Weekly and Monthly

You can easily buy data sim from Jazz retailer or franchise nearby you along with the device and select your desired Jazz 4G Internet Data Sim Package, activate it and enjoy uninterrupted high-speed internet. All Jazz/Warid 4G Internet Data Sim Packages are listed below:

Package Name Volume Validity Price Subscription
Monthly Internet Basic Package Volume 15GB 30 Days   Rs. 999   Dial *117*71#
Jazz Monthly Internet Regular Volume 36GB 30 Days Rs. 1500 Dial *117*73#
Jazz Monthly Internet Heavy Volume 75GB 30 Days Rs. 2500 Dial *117*74#

All the taxes are included in the above prices that can easily be topped-up from Jazz official website as well resulting in a very good option for people currently using the Jazz TikTok package because of such ease of use and portability.

Jazz/Warid 3G/4G Internet Packages for Postpaid Users

What did you think, Jazz/Warid forgot its postpaid users, no Jazz always remember and monitor its each and every customer and it presents Jazz/Warid 3G/4G Internet Packages for Postpaid Users. This Jazz 3G/4G Internet Packages are for postpaid users at very reasonable rates. Here are the details of packages, its validity, subscription, and data volume offered by Jazz.

Package Name Volume Validity Price Subscription
Jazz Monthly Streamer Package Volume 2000MB 30 Days   Rs 250 + Tax   Dial *446#
Jazz Monthly Premium Package Volume 5,000MB 30 Days Rs 500 + Tax Dial *446#
Jazz Monthly Supreme Package Volume 14,000MB 30 Days Rs 800 + Tax Dial *446#
Jazz Monthly Super Package Volume 24,000MB 30 Days Rs 1200 + Tax Dial *446#
Jazz Monthly Ultimate Package Volume 50,000MB 30 Days (2 AM-2 PM) Rs 2200 + Tax Dial *446#